Tuesday, May 19, 2009

one or the other

"OK, if I told you a little story or two," Bella interrupted Parker before he had a chance to say anything to her Aunt Christine. "You'll have to guess which one is right, and if you do..you have to keep it a secret."

"Am I sure I want to hear this, B?" Christine pursed her lips and looked Parker over. "You know, you are pretty much a wild child, anything could go with you."

"I know," Bella's eyes widen with glee. She smiled even more and then sighed. "All right, here goes," She paused. "I'm in a threesome and he's just one of the two guys I'm with at the moment, or Mom's got a guy she keeps in her bedroom."

Christine smiled. Then she laughed. Almost rolled in the floor laughing.

"I think I need wine," she looked at him then Bella, "Got any?"

"I can't drink right now, I'm pregnant again," Bella informed her.

"My God, girl, how many kids are you going to have?" Christine grabbed both of Bella's hands while Parker went to get the wine. Of course, Christine got a good look at Parker's butt as he walked passed.

"This is just too good to be true." She laughed more as if she were already intoxicated.

Parker brought back a nice bottle of red wine. He uncorked it and poured a couple of glasses of wine.

Christine smiled at him and picked up both. "I have to give Kat something to drink." She smirked as if the secret was save with her.

"Which story do you think she believed?" Parker looked at Bella then.

Bella rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms. "Honestly, you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed." She sighed and walked away.


sid n violet said...

oh..that was fun. really.

Anonymous said...

sounds like fun

Winnie said...

I'm none the wiser...quite intrigued!

diane said...

I like Kat's sister. These past few segments are hilarious! God, I really love you.

I just got back, but I'm not posting yet. I've got work, and some quality time with Cute Hubby (who I missed very much). Catch you later, xo d

Anonymous said...

haha yeah this is a typical day in the life of a redd