Sunday, May 17, 2009

just cake

What were these people doing here? Kat hadn't expected that many cars in the driveway when she got home from work. After all, she did have Emily's graduation cake with her. She knew it wasn't much, but they'd have cake at least after her graduation.

"What's going on?" Of course, there was no Emily to ask just Bella was home, and she had her hands full with Gib who didn't like any of these strangers.

Kat's sister was there from Ohio. Kat looked at her, pleasantly surprised. She wanted to ask Christine why she hadn't called. It had been ages. Christine hated the Midwest. There was just nothing to do in Kansas.

Kat put down the cake in the kitchen. Really, she hadn't expected to make a fuss about Emily's graduation. She assumed Emily wanted to keep it low-key.

"We were suppose to be moving this weekend," Bella reminded her.

"You know your sister is graduating tomorrow, don't you?"

"Yeah." Bella sighed as if she'd heard this before. In the livingroom was a load of presents for Emily by the door.

Suddenly, Kat eyed her ex-mother-in-law on the couch with her husband. They both looked as if they were ready for a wedding or a funeral. All prim and proper waiting for tea, she supposed. There was a lump in Kat's throat.

Where was Emily? Why wasn't she here? Kat felt stranded in her own home. There cousins, even her great Aunt had come. What had Emily done? She winced. All these people? What was she suppose to do?

"Honey-" Oh shit, she thought when she heard a familiar voice. She looked up and saw Parker coming through the door. She hoped he'd shut up. Now.


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This should be fun. Oh the suspense!

Ivyoaks said...

The suspense is getting to me.

sid n violet said...

Looks like the suspesne is building.

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Oh suspense!