Sunday, May 10, 2009

mothers everywhere

Here it was Mother's day and Bella felt like the worst mother in the world. It was eating her inside out, not to have Gib in her arms. Instead they were in Chicago, going on a boat ride with the wind torturing their hair. Honestly, it was making her feel faint. The crowds alone were giving her a panic attack.

"I wished we hadn't came." She hugged Fish's arm so tight that he could barely move.

"Now you tell me." He sighed. "Do you want to go home?"

"No." Bella said, imaging it quiet there. Her mother was probably in bed with Parker, and Emily probably forgot all about Mother's day. Bella probably wouldn't get anyone. It would be pointless to call Kal and Whitney, who were probably off being fake parents to Gib at the mall. It really taunted her, just the same. "You were right, we should save up and move out on our own."

"Well, maybe we could find a place there in the neighborhood." Fish shrugged.

"Like Mrs. LaBarren's?" She couldn't imagine moving in with the old woman, but she'd still be right across the lawn from her mother's in case she needed anything.

"No." Fish just smiled. "There is a house just down the street."

"The one where the yard is all grown up, and you can barely get to the front door?" She'd seen the foreclosure sign. Anybody looking for a foreclosure wouldn't even want it.

"We can get if for 22 thousand." He told her.

That didn't mean much to Bella.

"We can afford that place." He looked at her then. "Its small. I know, but it would be big enough."

"Great." Evidently, he'd decided.

"Your Mom, co-signed."

"She what?" Bella was first enraged and yet she melted into happiness. This might have been the best Mother's day present ever. Or maybe it was her mother's best present to herself. Bella couldn't help but smile. Everything suddenly felt so orgasmic as she looked around.


aiLee920 said...

happy mom's day to your mom and to all moms out there... kiss them for me!!!

ellie said...

How exciting. Just what they needed.

ellie said...

Oh..and Happy Mother's day with you and your family.

Winnie said...

Oh that's so cool of her mom!

elliestories said...

Good going. I still get tickled of Bella and her snobish ways though.

diane said...

I'm chuckling. I loved this.
Thanks so much for your kind note. I always look forward to your comments. Have a nice day with your Mom. xo

fan fic said...

Sweet and exciting. Wishing lots of fun with your Mom.

dapper kid said...

Oh wow how fabulous! It might be small, but everyone has to start somewhere. I'm sure it will be cosy and they'll remember it fondly in years to come :)