Monday, May 11, 2009

soaking it in

Whitney felt she had a lot to live up too. She guessed Bella trusted her. Maybe. It was hard to say. She was happy yet scared at the same time. Sure, she'd been around babies before. Her sister's children, and she knew what to do, but this was Gib. Yet, he seemed so happy. And he loved investigating her skin and her curls.

"I have this feeling you're gonna be a lady's man." She smiled cuddling him, thinking she could get used to this. They could very well be a family. She, Kal and Gib. He hadn't missed Bella at all. Whitney couldn't help but smile about that, and yet she hoped Bella and Fish were having a fun time in Chicago. Of course, she'd call every few hours just to talk to Gib and Whitney would do as Bella asked just to pacify her more than Gib who was busy playing with his toes or moving about as if he were exercising daily to get him self ready for the big push that would get him going into a crawl maybe even standing up.

Of course, Whitney's eyes lit thinking what if this was the moment he did get going, and he started to figure out what to do next.

"Well, he's only six months old." Kal's mother reminded her. "But Kal was up and running by an early 8 months. Nothing was stopping him."

Whitney wasn't worried then, if she turned her back, he wouldn't be there. Of course, she didn't let him out of her sight as it was. Kal had done his best to help out. At least it gave her a little inkling how he might be if they ever had their own. If.

Then her mother called. She'd gotten the flowers for Mother's day. Whitney wished she hadn't told her about Gib. Her mother made it sound as if Whitney was just free help and there would come a day they'd abuse it. Whitney couldn't get in a word about how her sister had taken her to the states for that very thing. To take care of her children. It would have lead to an argument. But still it left her sad to make her feel she'd abandoned her own family and that she really wasn't a part of this new family where she called home.

Sure enough, she found herself crying afterwards. She hadn't meant too. It was very rare her mother called, anyway.

"What is it this time?" Kal did his best to comfort her.

"She wants me to come home." Although, Whitney felt her mother had wicked ways of wanting her back. It would be pointless to go. She would be miserable. Whitney thought perhaps her mother enjoyed her being miserable. Then her mother could comfort her with the favorite meals she loved to make incorporating potatoes, cheese and sausages. And how dare she forget those beautiful scones she so enjoyed making for her too. But the fact remained, her duty was to be their for every beckoning call. They were a close family. Perhaps. It would be an opportunity for her mother to fatten her up and find her a real bloke. Her mother talked about the plumber she met. He was single. Now that would be the ticket, wouldn't it?

"Would you want to go?"

"Of course, not." She winced.

"I want you to be happy." Kal then said.

"I would not be happy there." Whitney felt guilty for even saying it. She did love them, but she didn't like their attitudes. She couldn't be a good daughter. "Besides, she has my sister back with her now." Whitney slightly smiled. Perhaps her sister would get the plumber and then all would be right in the world.


ellie said...

I can understand a little where Whitney is coming from. I still think she's a strong person.

Psyconym said...

I've never known.

Winnie said...

What a shame but I guess she has good's wierd when I hear about people who aren't the closest to their mothers. It happens!

simon n josh said...

Aw, Whitney is between a rock and a hard place I guess.

the oaks said...

I do feel sad for Whitney.

diane said...

Whitney's situation is classic, she's the family "whipping boy". What she needs to do is stand up to her mother and say what's on her mind. She shouldn't be afraid of the fight, these things need to be said. She is mistaken that her family is close. If her family was close, they would not emotionally abuse her.
The good news is, Whitney is aware that she would be miserable if she went back. But the dynamics of the relationship with her family won't change unless she takes the first step, perhaps by suggesting a family counselor.