Thursday, May 7, 2009

something French

"You know you wanna." Did Kat hear him correctly? Parker had the French wine.

"French doors. French wine." She shook her head staring at him with the bottle. "I don't think I get the connection?"

"If we get those doors in tonight, we can celebrate."

"Tonight?" She looked at her watch. The 10 o'clock news would be on in twenty minutes.

"Well, you said you'd done it before." He really did listen to her, didn't he? She'd forgot she'd told him about that. She'd put in the French doors that went out on the deck from her bedroom, all by herself. Of course, the way he said it, it made her think of sex, for some reason. Which was something they did more of than talk, usually.

"But its dark?" Kat shrugged. Parker just gave her a silly grin as if that was not a problem. "All right. It shouldn't take that long." She sighed, hoping she remembered how to do the French doors so they got in her car and drove over to Rosco's.

It didn't take more than a couple of minutes to get there. And before they could even ring the doorbell, Charlotte told them to go around back. That's where Rosco and his mother stood looking at the diseaster.

"It just a big hole!" Rosco's mother was not in the best mood.

Kat stared at the entrance to the patio. Yes, it was hole. Rectangular though. that was a good sign. She pondered for a moment, putting one strand of her hair over her ear then the other side. She needed to think. Naturally, Jill, Rosco's Mom made it sound as if a catastrophe would happen any second.

"Well, at least you're this far," Kat said with a smile. Rosco looked at her as if he'd really done it this time.

So she directed them a bit, got Parker and Charlotte in on the lift.

"We're gonna pop that sucker in there." Of course, that was easier said than done. A few hours later after making sure the interior was ready as well as the exterior was set, then came the actual door hanging.

It was well after two in the morning before it was done. Jill made coffee and broke out some sweet rolls from the freezer.

"They really do look nice." Kat just stared at the doors that had taken up all their time and effort, while sitting at the dining table along with the others. Of course every muscle in her body ached. Possibly she could call in sick tomorrow. She looked at Parker then who was quiet somber. No one wanted wine.

Kat was beginning to think he'd go to just about any link, to stay over. Maybe when school was out she'd ask him he wanted to move in. Actually, it sounded like a splendid and horrible idea at the same time, but weren't most things like that.


cait said...

Dear Diane-

I have my ways to sneak in to see what's up on your blog...but sometimes, it says "abort" and I can't get to the comment page. Thanks for noticing the chemistry between Parker & Charlotte.

miriam said...

mm, french. that's the spirit!

diane said...

Sometimes, by the time you get around to it, wine just isn't an option anymore. Sounds like an evening well spent, and I see the circle of friends growing tighter here.

Try accessing my page on Firefox. Explorer won't let you do it.

Ivyoaks said...

Oh..sweet..I'm glad it got taken care of.

ellie said...

thanks for the note. I appreciate it. Oh..gotta love those doors!

Winnie said...

I love how some things can seem so easy but take forever to get done...glad they managed to do it though!

Anonymous said...

sweet i liked it:)