Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dare not

"I hear you're like Derrick O's number one fan." Parker couldn't help but rub it in a little as he touched Charlotte on the shoulder. Of course, she just about freaked and threw a marker at him.
"Don't do that!" She was tense. "I'm not a fan of his. I don't even like his music." She frowned.

"Sorry, but obviously, you're a very good actress, you talked him into coming, you know." He smiled at her while she went back to coloring an Anime poster she'd drawn of Derrick.

"Don't remind me." She fumed.

"It couldn't have been that awful." They were in the young adult area at Rachel's desk which was pretty much Charlotte's desk after 5.

"I don't want to talk about it." She gave him the cold shoulder.

"You can tell me about it, if you want." He leaned there at her desk, watching with his arms crossed.

"I'm not your little sister."

"OK." He grinned. "Huh, I never even thought of having a little sister, but you would be perfect. You've really got that ugly sister stuff about you. I kind of like it."

She looked up at him, giving him a snarl.

He could hardly hold in a laugh.

"Why are you so happy, anyway?" She winced.

"I'm happy? Really?" He smiled. "What in the world did Rosco do to you?"

"Nothing. He's just fine. He's trying to take out the patio door and put in these French doors at his Mom's."

"That sounds like fun." Parker then stood up. "Maybe I could come over and help after work."

Charlotte gave him a look that he better not dare. He walked away. He was definitely coming over.


ellie said...

Parker is quite funny, sometimes.

miriam said...

i wouldn't mind a sister like charlotte.

diane said...

Hold the phone....Parker and Charlotte are developing that borderline friendship that tends to turn into true love in the end. They need to be careful there.

dapper kid said...

Haha I do love the way they interact with each other, it's kinda sweet :)

simon n josh said...

Parker might be more of a friend than he knows.

em said...

for a question mark i kinda guess i picked maine for the story to take place because i was born there and i lived there and i remember it so well so yeah. I really do miss it:( it's really great there. oh i see a new background. it looks really nice

vorega badalamenti said...

parker's lover


Tracy said...

OK, I stopped by and I'm totally hooked---another blog addiction is born! Thanks for the comment today, Cait! I'm still hangin' in there and glad I did--or I wouldn't have stumbled upon this writertastic masterpiece!