Wednesday, June 24, 2009

coming down

Kal hated this feeling of dread coming over him like an ugly cold. He didn't want to see his Dad.

How come he really didn't feel all that much like a father on Father's day? He just felt numb now after everyone left. And he didn't feel much better when Whitney got him to lay down on the couch and put his head in her lap.

OK, he felt a little better. Especially when her fingers were in his hair, massaging his scalp. He closed his eyes, slowly unwinding.

"I really hate this," he told her. "I can't do anything right." His eyes filled with tears.

"It'll get better, you'll see," Whitney said.

He wished. And he knew it wasn't fair to Whitney to let her be his cheerleader all the time.

"Some Father's day. I hardly saw Gib at all. She doesn't want me to see him. She'd-" He hated to complain about Bella. He tried his best to never say anything about her. It would do no good. He knew it would be worse if he wasn't paying child support. That was all he was there for in Bella's eyes.

"She'll warm up. She is." Whitney just sighed. "You'll make it through your visit with your Dad too."

"I didn't know what to say to him when he called this morning. It was awkward as hell. You know, he wanted me to go into the army. That's his answer to everything." Kal told her.

"I know he's not perfect. Its just a visit." Whitney reminded him.

"Just a visit." Kal sighed. He put his hand on her ankle then. Really, she was his rock. He would have left a long time ago if Whitney wasn't around.


diane said...

It's never too late for people to change, even Kal's father.

ellie said...

I think Kal has changed a lot since the beginning of the story. He's not as self-absorbed..and he knew he had to change..but with it comes some depressive times too. Unfortunately.

cady said...

I agree with Ellie.
And I think Whitney's helped a lot.

dapper kid said...

Kal will be fine, even if things don't plan out how he wants, as long as Whitney is there, I'm sure she'll steer him through it :)

past the point said...

I feel so bad for Kal. I'm sure though it'll get better.