Tuesday, June 23, 2009

just talk

Well, it almost felt like her birthday all over again, but it wasn't. Whitney smiled as if she could handle both Rachel and Bella. She had too.

Of course, she hadn't expected Rachel over for Father's day. This was Kal's afternoon with Gib. Not that it was a big thing. Really, just an after thought, Whitney presumed. Like Bella had remembered, it was Kal's weekend. Only he didn't get him for the weekend. Just the afternoon.

"I'm sure you two must have some shopping to do or something," Whitney thought that would do the trick. No, Fish wanted to stay and talk to Kal about something. Actually, he wanted to talk to him about everything while Kal held the baby.

And she and Bella had settled for decaffienated tea. It would be quiet. They'd sent their crochet stuff to her friend in Austin. As it was, they hadn't heard anything about their little gamble. Whitney wasn't holding her breath on that.

But then Gordy showed up with Rachel and the girls and well, there was Rachel who was all whispering about Gordy's morning with his father.

"And he's coming to visit." Gordy told Kal. He rubbed the top of Jane's head. "All because of her."

"He wants to see me!" Jane was jumping around about it.

"I just didn't know how you wanted to handle it." Gordy was back to discussing it with Kal. "I told him to come sometime after the 4th when Rosco would be back."

Whitney saw Bella staring at Rachel who stared right back.

"So how are you feeling these days?" Whitney popped a question and they both answered at the same time.

Really, she'd intended to make a phone call for sometime now to her step-father. But she hadn't. Now this. Stuck in the kitchen with two pregnant women who couldn't stand each other.

Where was Charlotte off to when she needed her? She'd been on the phone with Derrick again, and they were hanging out at the Whitman, she supposed.

"You don't think she'd ever do anything with Derrick, do you?" Rachel brought up the threat.

"I don't think so." Whitney didn't know.

"I never liked him." Bella then said.

"Me, either." Rachel agreed with Bella.

Whitney slightly smiled. Funny, she felt everyone had a life, but her.


ellie said...

Poor Whitney. That would be trying to be with Bella and Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Whitney has a life!

Eugenia said...

Hey :)

Winnie said...

I'm sure Whitney will realise that she does have a life too!

diane said...

Oh my god, I think the planet might be spinning backwards if Rachel and Bella start getting along, haha.

past the point said...

oh..now that could be a cat fight.