Friday, June 5, 2009

cupcakes not for anyone

Rachel was waiting for Charlotte. They were suppose to go over their strategy and last minute changes with the young adult reading program. She had brought cupcakes hoping that might do the trick. They were chocolate with strawberry icing.

"Can I have one?" Parker asked who was coming in early and stopped to put his lunch in the fridge at the break-room.

"No." Rachel gave him a sour look.

"Where's Charlotte?"

"I dunno." Rachel glared at him to go away.

"Those look so good. You made'm just for Charlotte? How about the rest of us?" Parker shrugged eyeing the cupcakes.

"Are you in our department?" She gritted.

"I could be. What do you want me to do?" He didn't take his eyes off her.

"Start my Chicks and Sticks group." She stared right back as if she was a tough cookie to crack.

"Chicks and Sticks? What's that?"

"Crochet. Knitting. That kind of thing. And I'm hoping to incorporate some book club time from the series." She told him.

"Book club?" He nodded. "Now I could do something like that. How about the classics like Catcher in the Rye. You know, a list of must read books."

"Must read books." She liked it. How was that possible? Parker could think up something that was actually worth talking about? "You'd be interested in that kind of thing?" Well, he was good looking. That might be a plus.

"Why not?"

"OK, then, have a cupcake," Rachel said. "But just one. I'd have to run it by the director first."


ellie said...

This one made me smile. & I think he would be kind of cool to have a book club. I know I'd go.

Lon said...

Very interesting cupcakes. Wonder if they're good?

Anonymous said...

I liked this conversation:)

diane said...

Parker is ahead of his time. No wonder he's such a good match for Kat.
Rachel's "the show must go on" attitude despite Charlotte's no show is commendable.
Can I have a cupcake?

dapper kid said...

Lol, I wasn't really expecting that from Parker to be honest. And yum, those cupcakes sound so good :)

Winnie said...

I want one of those cupcakes, they sound delish. Sounds like Parker can be pretty useful...aside from eating cupcakes!