Saturday, June 6, 2009

those everyday things

Emily had a made a trip to Omaha with Archie once again. This time it was just the two of them at the house.

It was as if she was coming off some sort of high from graduation. Granted, she only felt she was starting with the beauty school stuff. And even when she was finished with that, she knew she would have just about anyone tell her that she knew nothing. But as it was, she'd gotten on at Great Clips even if was to sweep up hair and be a cashier for the most part. Hopefully, in a few months she'd actually be cutting hair. As it was, she did it for free at the beauty school. A part of her wondered if she'd ever be where she exactly wanted to be. The real key was just trying to enjoy it until she got there.

Archie had decided this trip to focus on the bathrooms. He was putting in new tanks for each of the bathrooms.

"Don't you think we should have brought Fish or Parker with us?" Emily just stared at the toilet, thinking she'd be no help.

"Its not that hard. I can figure it out." He seemed OK about the matter.

"You won't say Fuck every thirty seconds, will you." She watched with her hands in her back pocket.

"I'll try to keep it to a minimum." He impishly smiled. "Maybe you should leave the room, just in case."

"No, I want to watch." She promised she'd be good and make sure he didn't break his back in the process.

"Who knows, maybe I'll let you do the next one." He laughed.

"Yeah, right." Now she was laughing to.

He took his tools and started to get everything undone. It went much more quickly than Emily anticipated. Before she knew it. It was done.

"That's it?" She smiled. He didn't say one curse word.

There was the next one to do. And it went just as fast. Emily was beginning to think Archie missed his calling. He should have gone in to plumbing. But then came the basement bathroom.

"Honestly, I should tear the whole thing out and start from scratch." He told her.

It did look pretty awful. Leaky shower. Grimy. So disgusting. Emily inspected with a snarled nose.

"Yeah, you really should." She agreed.

"You know, if I had the time, this would be the place for a master suite." He looked at the blank basement. She saw it as a canvass of some sort. Something waiting to be finished. As she looked around, he brought her back to reality with a kiss.

"Lets take a shower upstairs and then we'll go out." He told her. "I really don't want to spend our entire time making over this place. There are too many other things to enjoy."

Emily smiled. She liked his idea.


diane said...

Hahaha, it seems like we're all dreaming about new toilets and bathrooms.

fan fic said...

ahahaha..yeah those toilets. We do take them for granted until they don't flush properly.

I'm glad Archie and Emily are making time for some fun.

raspberry said...

I'm so glad to know things are turning out okay for Emily! It's good that she's following her dreams, doing what she wants to no matter what people think.

How have you been?

Have a nice weekend,