Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i gotta be me

"River Fisher."

"Mr. River Fisher."

"Fisher, River." Final warning.

Fish yawned then. Were they asking for him at the music teacher's workshop? It was all in high caps on the itenerary he got, lunch was included..something to look forward too. He just didn't see anything about roll call.

Reluctantly, he held up his hand then. Finally, he figured out he was suppose to stand up. They were introducing the new music teachers in the school system.

"He'll be teaching sixth grade band." Suddenly he felt like a clown. Oh the joy, he could hardly stomach it, already. God, there were a bunch of old people here, he thought. Which he guessed was good, yet deep down he got the feeling that the teaching was making them old. And even worse, they were totally old school.

He looked down and noticed he'd spilled a bit strawberry jam on his cheap tie. Fish stared at it for a moment and wondered if anyone noticed. He sat down quickly. There was nothing to stare at here.

Even though, it would have been nice if someone like Reese Witherspoon was in the crowd of teachers, cheering him on as if he should be music teacher of the year. Not anybody spunky and adoring to be had. He wish he wouldn't daydream like that.

Now it was time to sit in on the curriculum of the school sytem for the next four hours. They needed to know their ABC's of Boystown and how to handle any student situation when it came to discipline. It just turned his stomach in a tizzy. He was no good at this. Goddamn rules, he thought how was anyone going to enjoy learning to play a horn or a flute, especially drums with all this crap to remember.

It was beginning to sink in that he might be the worse teacher here, but then if he looked at it just a bit differently. Damn, he was the coolest teacher here.

Fish smiled as if he could handle that. And he didn't care what they thought of him. No, he was gonna be the coolest teacher, one way or another.


diane said...

I hate the school system in the states. I wish Fish could find a job as a private instructor.

River Fisher? Hahah.

sid and violet said...

River Fisher...hahahaaa...

e.l. said...

This made me laugh so much..and the hope that someone like Reese Witherspoon would see him.