Wednesday, June 17, 2009

its a party

Emily could tell Bella had really gone out of her way to fix lunch for her and Whitney. As of yet, Whitney hadn't came on her lunch break.

"You really shouldn't have." Emily stood there looking at the dining table with fresh flowers.

"Did you even know it was her birthday?" Bella snapped.

"You didn't say anything about that." Emily sighed. "Was I suppose to bring something?"

"She really needs us, you know." Bella explained.

"Oh, really? Since when?"

"Since I've decided she's my best friend." Bella told her.

"What will Whitney think about that?" Emily winced. "This is really strange. Have you ever had a best friend B?"

"Yes, I can name a few. Of course, Fish is my very best, but I've had friends. I have, you know."

"Yeah, I remember, but you hated that blond girl you used to hang out with. You said she used you." Emily reminded her.

"I was a baby then, OK." Bella glared at her as she sat out salads and fresh dressings from the fridge. "Do you think she's coming?"

"Its like 2 minutes past noon, you know." Emily pointed to the clock.

"I really hope she'll like this." Bella had presents for her. Even a white cake with little candles and hearts.

Emily just frowned as the doorbell rang. Like always Bella had to be the take all winner in what ever she did. Why did she even come?



Great novel!

Kisses and hugs!

diane said...

It's so sweet that Bella went to so much trouble for Whitney. I love the description of the cake.
One thing I know about best friends:
Your best friend will always have your back. Even if you are separated by a long distance, your best friend will come flying to your aid if you are in trouble. My best friend of 40 years and I cried together in high school, had our kids together, lost our parents within a few years of each other, and struggle with the same kind of everyday pressures. It's a support system that is like no other, except maybe a sister.

cady said...

I think Bella's my favorite, really. Although I still love bipolar Emily.

Anonymous said...

Bella is so nice!