Wednesday, June 10, 2009

in the air

"Really?" Kat couldn't believe it. It was the last thing she expected to hear from Parker. Being a clerk at the library. Well, he should, she thought.

"Why didn't you before?" She winced.

"I dunno." He shrugged. He was getting some steaks ready to grill. Parker never asked if she wanted to go out because she always told him, no. "I liked shelving, you know. And I wanted it done right because nobody else was expecting it done right, evidently."

"Well, its great. I'm glad you got the position." She was all smiles. This was nice. Having a hard lemonade outside. Such a beautiful summer late evening.

"Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I get to help out with "I'm with the banned" book club. Rachel decided last minute to call it that since she has a T-shirt for me. And she's sort of hoping to have a fund raiser with it. Hoping kids will buy into the 'banned book club tour', for twenty bucks you can get the shirt and a banned book of your choice. I think she should have gone into advertizing. As it is she's getting donations from Wal-mart and Target. And buying the T-shirts in bulk with the cash she got some grant with makes them free for her." Parker finally stopped and put the steaks on the grill.

"You must like her, you haven't stopped talking about her." Kat told him.

"Not really, she kind of gets on my nerves. And you either do it her way or no way." He shrugged. "I'm just excited about the book club."

Kat liked seeing this side of him. Hopefully, this was just what he needed. Of course, the more she thought about it, she was sure she was depriving him with the not going out.

"You know," she said. "We should really think about going out and celebrating." Of course, she wasn't sure what that meant.

"I hear My Morning Jacket has a concert going on this weekend." He told her then.

"That sounds great." Kat couldn't remember the last time she went to a concert.


e.l. said...

cool. they need to go out more.

diane said...

OOOO, My Morning Jacket!! I hope Kat brings a camera. It's so cool that they make videos from their fan's footage.

dapper kid said...

Sound's like Parker is really getting into it! The book club sounds pretty amazing, quite a good way to introduce kids to reading, nothing better than forbidden fruit lol.

simon n josh said...

Parker is turning into quite a guy.

Eugenia said...

Very nice blog :)

Winnie said...

Ahh my friend used to be obessed with my morning jacket!

Anonymous said...

My Morning Jacket is good.
That's cool, but kinda of strange about how he got nervous when he wasn't smoking.