Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bumped up

Parker's ears were burning. Maybe he was just blushing. Oh, it felt like a sweat coming on. Was the library director serious? Really? He'd been a shelver now for quite while, actually. Yes, there were a few times he could have been a clerk, but he didn't mind staying away from trouble. He liked his job even if he was able to do more. He'd been a student after all. Taking classes for the most part. And when he found out they wouldn't be offereing the job he wanted anytime soon, he decided he'd just chill.

He was being bumped up to clerk, immediately. Someone was retiring. Finally. He guess it was his time. Perhaps being with Kat had something to do with it.

"You know, I haven't forgotten your credentials." The director told him. "If this works out, and I think it will, by the fall I should have you in the assistant director's position."

This made Parker squirm a bit. After all, it would be hard to replace the old battle axe who'd had that positions for a couple of decades now. She was retiring.

Parker was afraid to laugh or smile.

"I like the fact that you never take time off, Parker," the director said.

"You have been here at a slow and steady pace. I know. I really seriously didn't think you would stick around this long. Anyway, I think its gonna pay off, Parker."

They shook hands then.

"And I can still help out with the book club this summer for the young adult program?"

"Don't see why not." The director grinned.

Parker sighed. He could hardly believe it. He wasn't sure if he might pass out or shit his pants. One thing for sure, he was definitely going to celebrate with Kat.


raspberry said...

Aw, good for Parker! :)

the oaks said...

Parker is so much smarter than I thought he was.

simon n josh said...

cool about parker.

sid and violet said...

Mov'n on up!

diane said...

"I like the fact that you never take time off" I think the director has a big stick up his *ss. Parker should feel nervous, most management positions are underpaid and stressful. Maybe Kat will set him straight on this.

Anonymous said...

That's great about Parker moving up a position:)

cady said...

Gotta love the library.

e.l. said...

Finally..I'm glad he got it. I liked this.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment:)