Sunday, June 28, 2009

little doubts

"Honestly, you're just dragging your feet about this whole thing with Archie." Bella let into Emily when she brought it up after her Mom told her she had to leave while Jace was there.

"What do you mean? Dragging my feet?"

"If you loved the guy, you would just go for it." Bella told her.

"Oh, like you'd know a thing or two about that," Emily rolled her eyes and wondered if they'd have one of their knock down drag out fights now. "You left Gordy for Kal and you were so set on never getting married then. Duh, and now look at you?"

Bella held up her hand with her wedding band.

"I took the plunge." Bella stomped away and poured some iced tea for Emily. "Maybe you are having second thoughts."

"But I'm not." Emily winced. "I want Archie."

"Well, then you make compromises and you get on with things." Emily handed her the iced tea.

"I'm not you." Emily then said.

"Lets say if Casper walked through that door, and he said. 'Oh, Em, I won the lottery, care to go to Paris with me' what would you do? Can you say you wouldn't want too?"

"That is not fair." Emily shook her head. She would love to be in Paris with Casper right now. That was where he was after all. Why did her sister have to bring him up? For starters, he'd never want her with him. He'd made that quite plain to her. She had issues and he had had enough of those. "Its over with Casper. Completely."

"Is it?" Why did her sister have to bring up these doubts now.


Ivyoaks said...

Bella just loves to give Emily stuff to have fits about. What a sister.

e.l. said...

I hope she doesn't have doubts about Archie.