Saturday, June 27, 2009

weighing it in

"Well, Archie and I could be here when his brother comes over," Emily told her Mom. "I was like a buffer at that little birthday lunch that Bella had for Whitney."

"This is completely different." Her mother was trying to clean up the house. Although, it was pretty much spotless. "I'd rather you not be here. Just so he could see how old I really am." She glared at Emily.

"I just thought I could help." Emily shrugged.

"Are you moving or what?" Her Mom said in the next breath. "I thought you'd found an apartment."

"We're in no hurry Mom. We are saving up, you know." Emily sighed thinking her Mom didn't see a wedding in her future, either. She couldn't decide on ring.

"Saving up?"

"Yeah, like a destination wedding." Emily smiled. That was a thought. "Wouldn't it be nice if we could all go to the Virgin Islands or something for a wedding?"

"No." Then her mother brought up everything from her sister having a baby to swine flu.

"It was just a thought." Emily sighed. How come everything had to be complicated? She needed to work here in order to get her beauty license in order. There was a house they could live in, but it was a state away. Emily knew now why her mother had her own fears with Parker. He was younger, but she could make it work. She was making it work. Now Emily had to figure out how to make this work.


ellie said...

aw..feel bad for Emily. Her and her mother have a bit indifference about them.

Anonymous said...

The virgin islands eh?

simon n josh said...

a wedding destination would be fun..if you can afford it.

Winnie said...

Everyone is so scared about swine flu...people feel bad for sneezing!

A destination wedding would be awesome but it would be getting all your guests to go that would be difficult!

the oaks said...

It seems her Mom has doubts about them.