Friday, June 19, 2009

phone call

Really? Why was she like this? Kal thought he'd never get off the phone with Bella.

"I don't think we need to have this discussion." Kal didn't need to be kicked down anymore than he already was. A good portion of his pay check went to Bella every month as it was. He couldn't afford to splurge on anything. Things were tight. "Gib is fine, isn't he?" Did she need more money? Was that it?

"We are fine. Everything is fine with us. Its about Whitney. What are you going to do about her birthday?"

"Its a surprise." He'd leave it at that.

"That's it? What kind of surprise?" She kept questioning.

"Really? Its none of your business." He was seriously in a huff now. He needed to be answering phones. There was mail to get out. After all, he was just a bonified mail person here.

"I don't think you've thought of a damn thing to do to make her birthday special. I know how you are. I do and you're awful with birthdays." Bella told him.

Kal just rolled his eyes. Suddenly he put in a chime about thanking her for calling their record company and hung up.

Thank God, Whitney wasn't expecting a night out on the town.


the oaks said...

Poor Kal. I think its interesting how its possibly B's fault that he can't exactly celebrate Whitney's birthday properly.

diane said...

@oaks: that's a keen observation.

What a nightmare for Kal, that Bella is now Whitney's best friend, haha.

e.l. said...

Aw..that's all Kal needs at work. Hmmm..yeah, that's Bella for you. She wants her cake and to eat it too.

Shadow Gunslinger said...

Thanks for the note! I'm glad you liked that part - I thought it wasn't as good as my first attempt.

Wow, poor Kal. Bella can be really ... harsh.