Saturday, June 20, 2009

how it should be

Serena and Floyd were at the house when Charlotte got home. They were getting the place ready for a little party for Whitney. Serena had made dinner. It was a classic meatloaf with plenty of comfort foods and a big chocolate cake too. Mean while Charlotte started putting up streamers. Floyd helped with popping open bottle of red wine. He poured some for them. He had to try it out too.

"I hope she had a good day," Serena said to Charlotte.

"I doubt her boss remembered her birthday. He barely remembers where his car keys are. I don't know how she can stand him." Charlotte sighed as she drank on the wine.

"How are you and Rachel?" Serena wanted to know.

"You know, the usual." Charlotte shrugged.

"It feels so wrong not to have Rosco here," Serena then reminded Charlotte.

"I know, its my own damn fault. I really hope this is going to make him get busy with ITT Tech, you know, when he gets back. I just want him to appreciate what he could be doing." Charlotte told her. "He misses me terribly, and I love it." She grinned proudly.

Just then the birthday girl arrived.


e.l. said...

I'm glad Serena reminded Charlotte about Rosco. I think Whitney will have a good birthday after all.

past the point said...

aw..they really are sweet to do this for Whitney. I think these are her real friends.

diane said...

Whitney is lucky to have so many friends.
Charlotte is cute to be so proud of Rosco missing her.

Anonymous said...

Whitney must really feel great right now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I just posted a review for Year one actually...