Thursday, July 23, 2009

almost time

Rosco looked around at the dinner party. It seemed everyone had someone. Even his Mom got her friend to fly in from Vegas. Well, she kept calling him her friend, but he vaguely got the hint that the so called bachelor was more than that. And they seemed a tad giddy to just be friends.

Naturally, Gordy kept his group to the couch. Jane of course was making her rounds. She was trying to impress his mother's friend as much as she was the guest of honor.

Charlotte was busy making some last minute appetizers which was melted cheese on wheat thins.

And then there was Kal with Fish and the baby. That made Rosco smile. He couldn't help but wonder if Fish just wanted a real home-made dinner or if he was that good of a friend to Kal. He was a bit miffed with Whitney. He didn't think it would turn out like this. Her up and leaving so suddenly. It just wasn't like her, but he hadn't asked about it nor even worried of it until now.

Naturally, it was the hardest to make conversation with his Dad. It was seldom something they actually did when his Dad was here. It had been ages. It was just he didn't know what to talk about.

"You should go over and talk to him about something," Charlotte informed him.

"What am I going to talk about?" Rosco felt as if he were going to go on stage or something, but she nudged him on.

"Uh, I don't think you've met Charlotte." Rosco looked blankly at a man who seemed so much older than he remembered. How had that happened? He tried not to stare at the new wrinkles he found in his father's face. He was heavier too. Not at all like he remembered. "She's-she's my girlfriend." Rosco grinned slightly. He knew Charlotte was more than that, but he didn't feel the needed to do a song and dance about it. "I guess-I guess what I'm most happy about is that I found my brother." He showed him over to Gordy and everyone.

Rosco thought he was letting his Dad off easy. He wasn't going to question him about anything. He saw how his Dad looked at Gordy. He sort of gave him a grin. They shook hands. He wanted to know what Gordy did for a living. It was so mundane. Rosco was hoping for something inspiring to be said, but there wasn't. He guessed they would have made a real boring reality show.

Just then Whitney came in. Charlotte rushed over and gave her a hug. Whitney whispered something in her ear, and they hurried off to the kitchen. Then he heard Charlotte laugh in excitement.

Naturally, Rosco had to go see what the commotion was about.

"Really, truly, I feel like I'm going to be a real Auntie now." Charlotte laughed. "I've never been one of those." She gave Whitney a hug. Rosco just watched and looked back at Kal who was holding Gib and saying something to his father's girlfriend about the baby.

Rosco smiled. Maybe it was better than a reality show, after all.


diane said...

Sometimes the most important moments in life come softly, without trumpets or crescendos. This was nice, and I'm glad it was from Rosco's perspective.

simon n josh said...

That was a nice observation from from Rosco.

the oaks said...

I liked what he said about the reality show.

past the point said...

cool what he sees.

fan fic said...

Love'n Rosco's side of things.

Winnie said...

Seems like Rosco is having a good time and it's definitely interesting to read something from someone else's perspective!

Shadow Gunslinger said...

Thanks for the note! Yeah, weird things inspire me; sometimes dreams (which aren't necessarily mine), sometimes the stuff happening in school.

Ah, I think I missed quite a bit.
Oh, and what exactly are wheat thins??? Uh, dumb question. :P

Have a nice weekend!