Friday, July 24, 2009

wouldn't it be tragic

Naturally, Rachel wanted to know what was going on with Whitney and Charlotte. Had they heard something on the news about Derrick? Had he robbed somebody or in a drive by shooting?

That would be so horrible. Especially, if he got shot. Of course, usually, it wasn't people like him who got shot, but perhaps some sort of mistaken idenity and they shot the wrong guy. She sighed wishing she wouldn't think about it. But that would be tragic. And Charlotte might be happy about that. Wouldn't she?

She let Lucy stick with Jane. Rachel trusted her enough that Lucy wouldn't fall in the toilet or anything. Jane always kept a very good eye on her and told her no when she had too. Usually, Lucy wanted to do everything Jane did. They danced a lot to commercials and Hannah Montana. Of course, Jane was going around telling anyone who would listen that she was going to marry Cody from the Suite Life some day.

And Gordy seemed to be in some deep conversation about the state of California with his father. She couldn't tell if Gordy was trying to convince his father to move back to the mid-west or not.

Rachel waundered off to the kitchen.

"What happened?" Rachel asked as soon as she found Charlotte and Whitney celebrating with ginger ale.

"Its nothing." Charlotte smiled.

Whitney shook her head, no.

"I don't guess Derrick got shot or anything." Rachel stared at Charlotte.

"Not that I know of. You think somebody shot him?" Charlotte looked puzzled.

"Well, you know how he is." Rachel shrugged.

"Not really." Charlotte shook her head.

"Carrie might try to kill him." Rachel went on as if she knew everything that could happen.

"What?" Charlotte winced.

"You know, if she finds out about you and him." Rachel told her.

"Nothing is going to happen, Rach," Charlotte squinted as she turned her head to Whitney who looked at her as if she didn't have a clue to what was going on.

It was time to take the roast to the table, anyway. Dinner would be served.


e.l. said...

Rachel is on like a whole different level of some kind.

diane said...

This is the sort of thing that happens when people dwell on things too long. Rachel needs to find a way to get her friends to talk with her more.

dapper kid said...

I think Rachel really needs a little time out to be honest, she always seems on edge.

simon n josh said...

Rachel is definitely in her own little world.