Sunday, July 12, 2009

hot stuff

Derrick absolutely hated for the afternoon to come to an end. He so adored Charlotte's funky attire. She'd been great introducing him. Letting him do his thing, and she'd brought him lunch from Ruby Tuesday's during the meet and greet.

Why couldn't she be his assistant? Well, he wanted more than that with her. But she was just aloof. She couldn't be happy with that boyfriend of hers. The one who evidently played bass that everyone was asking about back at the record studio. He had made the band. Somehow. And now he was evidently hot stuff. Or so he'd heard. Derrick didn't want to believe it. What was Carrie trying to do? Under-mind him?

He was on the outs with her. Rumor had it that she was a firecracker of some sort who had him by the balls. Derrick would have none of it. Although, she had a part of the business now. She was only doing this to him because she was bored with him. Evidently. He knew it. He was beginning to feel a gut wrenching hate for her, but he wasn't going to split from her. She'd have to much of his, and it would be risky. But if she did her thing. He'd do his thing. They'd open this marriage wide open. It was nothing. And yet everything.

He supposed that's why he felt his heartbeat tighten when he was around Charlotte. He could forget his woes around her. And really he had to have her. He had too.

"I suppose its not news to you," he then said to her as she was packing his stuff up. Most of the cds sold and quite a few T-shirts too. It was quiet now. Everyone had left the meeting room at the library.

"What news?"

"About Carrie," he looked her straight in the eye as if this was the moment to chance it. Perhaps she needed him as much as he needed her.

"What about her?" Charlotte looked concerned as if Carrie had been in a wreck of some kind.

"You don't know?" He wanted to grin so badly.

"No, I don't." Charlotte looked in disbelief before he even said it. Maybe she knew it was coming.

"Carrie's such a slut." He thought maybe he could use that in his next song. "She's been screwing around. I guess Rosco wouldn't tell."

"Rosco?" She winced. "What do you mean?"

"They've been sleeping together." He said so matter of fact.

"Sleeping together?" Well, that was a poor choice of words. Derrick knew sleeping was not what it was. "You're wrong." Charlotte flinched. "You are so wrong!"

"But I'm not." Derrick smirked and he grabbed her tight. When he kissed her, the camera flashed as if it might be news worth.


e.l. said...

I was wondering how it was going to pan out with Derrick.

the oaks said...

oh, lordy. what next?

simon n josh said...

don't play dumb charlotte.

diane said...

Derrick's nothing but trouble, he's angry and not nice. Charlotte should pull away, slap him, and go talk to Rosco. Or maybe she should shower Derrick's dirt off first.