Monday, July 13, 2009

one of those days

Whitney felt it was hopeless to shampoo the carpet. It was the worst machine ever. It seemed her mother-in-law hadn't used it since the millenium.

"I don't know why its so important to have clean carpet before her ex-husband gets here." Whitney told Kal.

"She doesn't know what she's doing. She's gone kind of crazy about this whole thing." Kal shrugged who of course wasn't making an effort to clean anything in the house.

"Its not like she'd take him back or anything, right?" Whitney stared at Kal, wondering what other changes to expect.

"Hell, I hope not." Kal made a face at that.

"I'm going to Bath and Body and get something for myself." She dropped the hose to the spray and vac. "And then I'm going to that piano bar, you always say you're going to take me to but never do, and have me drink. Maybe a martini." She glared at him then. "I've had enough. Why am I expected to do all these things for people I hardly know?"

She pulled her baby-blue bandanna off her sweaty curls then.

"What did I do?" Kal winced.

Whitney rolled her eyes.

"You probably don't even want me here when your Dad shows up. Because you don't want anymore problems than you have already. And somebody might notice I'm black and I have a strange accent. Then what?"

"Whitney?" He squinted.

"Its all right. I'm calling Serena. I'll just stay with them." She shrugged getting on her cell then.

Naturally, she got a hold of Floyd who really liked the idea about the piano bar. He knew a biker bar that was really cool too. "Even better," she smirked.

"Floyd will be right over to pick me up." She nodded.

"Why are you doing this?" Kal shook his head.

"Because." She didn't feel the need to explain it to him. She had a feeling she'd never come first if she didn't start showing it.


diane said...

Smart girl, that Whitney.

ellie said...

hahaaaa..I'm glad she's waking up.

dapper kid said...

Well done Whitney! And I always find it strange how people always have to try and impress their exes, I suppose it makes us feel better...but it still doesn't feel all that natural for some reason.

the oaks said...

I hope Kal gets the message.

Anonymous said...

Haha Whitney was great in this post. Keep it up!

simon n josh said...

Whitney finally told him. Good for her.