Wednesday, July 15, 2009

one thing leads to another

"So how is that little man?" Gordy picked him up as if Gib was his. Bella gave Gordy her usual hateful look. "Man, is he growing. What are you feeding him, B?"

Jane was there and Gordy told her to sit down so she could hold her brother.

"You know, she's been wanting a picture of the two of them together." He smiled, taking a picture with his camera phone right there in Bella's livingroom. "Crazy, huh?"

"What do you want?" She looked at him seriously as if they'd intruded her little haven of happiness some how.

"Um, I don't know, maybe cut your child support in half that you get from Kal or share it with me." He smiled. "How much are you getting?"

"A couple of thousand a month." She was smug.

"I never got anything from you," he winced. "I lived in my mother basement. Stopped going to college. Just so depressing, you know." He shook his head. "And not a dime from you."

Bella was quiet then and picked up Gib. Jane had held him long enough, evidently.

"Don't you think you're asking a little much from Kal, especially, when Whitney is even giving up some of her paycheck too."

"They aren't paying rent." Bella squinted.

"But they want to. They want to get out on their own." Gordy told her. They were in the kitchen now, keeping their voices low while Jane played with the remote in the livingroom.

"Well, he should have thought about that before he knocked me up." She said rather coldly.

"Maybe you should have thought about it too. You have a home. Fish has a decent job. But its never enough. I know that. I understand that. But maybe I should stir up some trouble, ask for some child support from you."

"I can't just give it up." She swelled up with a frown.

"You could see if you could get by on less. Less from Kal and Whitney, and let him see his son more. Let him raise him." Gordy sighed.

"I could never do that. He will never raise Gib. He won't." Now he'd hit a nerve.

"Yeah, its great to see how you feel about Gib. And you feel nothing for Jane, you don't. Don't know why. Is it because she's mine? You are are weirdest chick I've ever met. You can say all you want about Rachel, but she loves her kids. She loves my kid. I don't know if I can say that about you."

"I love Jane." Bella festered up a scowl. "She knows that."

"Right now. Probably not when she grows up and really sees how you actually are." He shrugged. "You have to give up some stuff. Emotional. Whatever. You can't just hold all the cards because some day you'll wish you hadn't. Some day when you wonder why you weren't invited to Christmas, Thanksgiving. All that family stuff. A daughter who could care less if she sees you."
"Just stop."

"And you'll feel good about things when you find out your ex got a divorce from his wife because he was still strapped to you. Is that the way want it?"

"I have let Kal go." Bella shook her head, no.

"Not really. You want to see him suffer. Still." He walked away then to get Jane.

"Is that the way you feel about me?" Bella looked at him.

"Pretty much." He turned off the TV and left with Jane.


ellie said...

that's tell'n her, gordy.

diane said...

Child support should have nothing to do with how well off the other parent is, it should be a fair amount, voila tout. Bella's making some huge mistakes here, I'm glad Gordy set her straight.

em said...

Gordy probably just made the best speech ever.

past the point said...

I love gordy.

the oaks said...

Gotta wonder what B will do.