Tuesday, July 14, 2009

somewhere down the line

"Its all her fault! She's the one who did this!" Kal felt like taking this out on Bella, but he couldn't. He felt a spasm of hate and fear come over him as he sat in Gordy's living-room. He'd never actually been here before. His first time. He looked around wondering why Whitney and he couldn't have a place this nice. It was cute. And theirs. Even if it was in a college student apartment complex.

"Don't say that. You don't mean it." Gordy tried to comfort him with a Pepsi.

"What am I suppose to do? Have no one? Spend all my freaking pay checks on Bella. You know, even Whitney's given up some of her pay check too. I hate that it had to be this way." He was fighting back tears.

"Do you want me talk to B?" Gordy offered.

"No." Kal swelled up. "I've never seen Whitney like this. Not ever." His throat ached, and he thought he might be coming down with something. "She gonna stay with Floyd and Serena, you know."

"I know," Gordy nodded. "You already told me."

"Now Dad's coming." Kal shook his head.

"It won't be that bad." Gordy told him.

"It will. I know. I just can't win. I can't do anything right." He scratched the side of his head. "I hate it when Mom says I'm just like him. I hate it."

"You're not like him." Gordy sighed.

"How do you know, I'm not going to end up like him?" Kal glared at Gordy.

"For starters, you're probably paying way over your budget in child support. Has you Dad ever paid child support? And you're worried sick about Whitney. Has he ever been worried about anybody?"

"But he's your Dad too." Kal looked at him.

"Not really. Doesn't feel like he is. He's just a stranger to me. I guess I look like him since I look a bit like you and Rosco, but that's about it, Kal. I just hate to see you get worked up over this guy who's been a jerk. At least, you know you aren't that. You're better than that." Gordy informed him. "Now, go get Whitney. You two should have some fun. Just fun. You need some fun. Really, you should have some fun."

Kal nodded. He took a sip of Pepsi. He was beginning to settle down. He had to get to Floyd's before it was too, late.


diane said...

I love what Gordy said about their father being a stranger to him. He's got the right perspective and knows where the cards lie. And the way he kept repeating the word fun, hilarious.

e.l. said...

Gordy's a good brother. Loved it.

past the point said...

Gordy's words. nobody does it better.

Ivyoaks said...

gordy is my man.

the oaks said...

thanks for the note. I'm glad Gordy was there for Kal.