Friday, July 10, 2009

out shopping

"So, I'm happy for you," Bella said as she was pushing through wedding dresses at the New Life Thrift. Of course, Emily was carrying Gib. Bella hated strollers. "I should have asked Whitney to come."

"She's working, remember?" Emily held Gib so he could see everything around him. He drooled a little, but was content.

"You know, she hates that job." Bella went on to say.

"What am I suppose to do about it?" Emily asked. "You know, I just got on a Great Clips."

"Great." Bella mocked. She jerked a white lacy dress from the messy rack of dresses in plastic. "This one is small enough. What are you, a zero now?"

"I'm not that tiny." Emily winced.

"Yeah, your boyfriend actually watches to make sure you eat." She put the dress back. "I guess we could get something you have to take in. You know?"

"Right?" Emily yawned.

"Maybe you should go the mini route. You know, sexy 70ish." Bella smiled. "That would be totally adorable since you are short and all."

"I like it." Emily nodded.

"And white go-go boots. You have to have white go-go boots. And we could have daisies on the bodice."

"Why don't you just make the thing." Emily looked at her.

"I've never sewn in my life." Bella squinted.

"Mom's got a sewing machine. She could show you." Emily shrugged as if it had to be easy.

Bella just stared at Emily then and took Gib from her. She wanted to scream at her sister. But she tried one of her breathing exercises then. She was so ready to sit in the floor and do yoga with Gib. That's what her days were made of. Not thinking up wedding dresses.


ellie said...

a 70's wedding would be cool.

simon n josh said...

They are such sisters.

diane said...

I love Bella's idea's for the dress, not so sure about the go-go boots, though. Too "costumey".
I used to exercise with my kids when they were really little. They loved it.
Emily's turning into Bridezilla, haha.

sid and violet said...

cool wedding. plans.

Meg said...

A 70's style wedding could be interesting.

Lynda B said...

How's it going!!

Lyn x