Thursday, July 9, 2009


"The special guest of honor is to arrive any moment, and no Charlotte." Rachel was fretting about the matter at her desk.

"That Derrick guy?" Parker squinted.

"Yeah." Rachel shrugged as if she had no intention of meeting with him. "You've really been helpful and well, I'm glad you took on the book club for me."

"Well, thanks, Rache," Parker made and effort to smile then. "Glad I could help." He kept looking for her to say something else. But it was as if she was waiting for him. "You want me to take care of Derrick if Charlotte doesn't show?"

"She'll show." She did something on her computer then.

"Aren't you going to ask how my 4th was?" He then asked.

"How was your 4th?" She said so dully.

"It was great. My brother is in town." Parker faked a smile. "And I don't think his boyfriend is going to leave."

"What do you mean?" Rachel looked back at him.

"I think he wants to move here." Parker shrugged.

"What for?" Rachel squinted.

"I dunno." He kept hugging himself then as if he didn't really want to be a part of it.

"What's this really about?" Rachel sounded interested then.

"Just when I am pretty sure I won't have any family involved in my life. And its just me and Kat. I have Dan now."

"But he's your brother's boyfriend." Rachel reminded him as she swiveled in her chair.

"I think."

"What? He came on to you?" Rachel looked him straight in the eye then.

"No, he thinks Kat is his new best friend." Parker told her.

Rachel had to smile at that. That was pretty funny to her.


diane said...

I think Rachel is bored with the mundane. She really picks up when things get interesting.
Ah, gay friends. I think Dan might pose a new threat that Parker had never thought of.

ellie said...

I'm not sure how much Parker likes his brother, either.

the oaks said...

Parker might have competition now. Hahahaa..

Anonymous said...

Haha, I wonder how Parker feels about all of this.

Meg said...

Oh my! Everything is getting so twisted up!