Friday, July 31, 2009

out to dinner

Kal felt so distant, but he was trying his best to enjoy his Dad's company. He and Gloria treated Whitney and him out to a nice dinner which Kal hadn't expected. He thought they'd be gone already.

"No sir, this is our vacation time," Gloria informed them. "And we aren't spending our whole time at the casinos."

"Yes, and those days are numbered." He reminded her.

Kal wondered if they were going to get in a tiff about this. He was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Oh," Whitney gave Kal a nudge then. "We have some news." Kal smiled wondering if wanted to see the look on his father's face. "We're gonna have a baby."

Whitney got a squeeze from Gloria instantly who just went on and on about how happy she was for them.

His father tried to smile.

"I hope you'll enjoy them while you can," his dad told him. "They grow up in a hurry. Seems like yesterday you guys were hardly in school."

"Well, it feels like a slow go at the moment," Kal said.

"You just enjoy being pregnant, Whitney." Gloria chimed in.

Kal saw Whitney smiling. He smiled too. He knew he wasn't getting a dime out his Dad, and he felt lucky that his Dad was paying for dinner. Yeah, some things you took them as they were and he'd remind himself of the advice his Dad had given him. He didn't want to miss out like his Dad.


e.l. said...

At least they talked a little.

diane said...

His dad was talking from experience, and sometimes that is a really hard thing to do. Good for him.
I wonder if Kal totally missed the innuendo of his dad's days being numbered. Could his dad be trying to tie up some loose ends before he passes?

simon n josh said...

I hope Kal is going to get to know his Dad more.

sid and violet said...

I'm glad they are happy for Kal & Whitney.