Wednesday, July 29, 2009

smiles and what not

Rosco remembered his Dad's girlfriend's name. Gloria.

She was really sweet to Jane and Lucy too. It was as if they had adopted her quicker as a new gram before even thinking what a gramp really was. She told them to be careful, and she had something to wash their hands just in case they picked up something gross, and she was packed with juice boxes and crackers and cheese.

"Oh, your Dad can't believe how lucky he is," Gloria smiled, and she looked like California with her golden tan and her sunny hair. She was on the buxom side with big lips and gold chains, but really she knew how to take care of her man. Or at least Rosco got that impression how she made over his Dad all the time.

"Well, I know Jane's excited to see, uh, both of you." There were a lot of questions on his mind, but he knew he wouldn't ask a one of them.

"So you're serious about this Charlotte, are you?" She grinned as if she could easily flirt with any teenage boy and have her way with them.

"Oh, yeah, she's great." Rosco nodded.

"And you both work?" This seemed important to know.

"Yeah, she wants me to quit my job at the grocery store and go to college full time." He shrugged.

"Well, education is important." She nodded. "So you and Gordy get along?"

"Yeah," Rosco smiled. "We've been friends for a while and then he found out we were brothers. I like having him for my brother. I get along with Kal too."

"Now, isn't his wife just a doll?" She giggled then, and he noticed her hands were on him. She squeezed him warmly. Rosco just nodded.

"Do you have any kids?" Rosco suddenly asked before she got too cozy. The girls were having fun looking at all sorts of monkeys. Jumping about and squealing.

"I guess so," She shrugged. "Well, none of my own, but I've been a foster mother over the years. I mean, when I was younger. I see Antone ever so often, but he doesn't have a family, and well, the girls, Rhianna and Daisy are always over, but I don't think they'll ever have any kids."

She went to check on the girls then and Rosco too a picture of them together.

"I can hardly wait to show my girls back home these girls. Maybe it'll inspire them." Gloria grinned, hugging both Jane and Lucy ready for one more picture.

Rosco smiled. A part of him was glad his Dad had met Gloria.


e.l. said...

Gloria sounds sweet. I'm sure she's good for Gordy's Dad.

diane said...

Gloria's answer was a little vague. I wonder if she and Rosco's dad share a common bond of family regrets. I agree with e.i., I think she's a good gal.

fan fic said...

Dads are always a mystery it seems.

Anonymous said...

Cool new header, i like that line about Gloria looking like California. That sounded cool.