Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Charlotte was looking at Rosco as if he'd forgotten something, but she was the one who had to get to work.

"Are you going to stay in bed all day?" She looked at him. He hadn't budged from where they slept.

"No," he said, squinting slightly. "I'm going to get my job back at the grocery store."

"Really?" She pondered a bit. "But not right this second?"

"Do you want me to make breakfast or something?" He rose up on his elbows then, noticing she was not going to let him sleep.

"No." She sounded as if she'd hate breakfast. "How long did you sleep when you were, you know, there?"

"Definitely, not enough." He shrugged as she got back in bed with him fully clothed in her Express Yourself at the Library T-shirt and her rolled up cut-off shorts with the black stockings underneath. "Are you sure they'll let you wear that to work?"

"I'm expressing myself." She smirked slightly and kissed him on the cheek then.

"But I thought there was a dress code." He kissed her back.


She left it at that because she didn't leave the T-shirt on long.

"Are you going to call in sick?" He asked as he laid back on his pillow and watched her in her red polka dot bra.

"Maybe." She smiled, and she French kissed him then. "Or I could just be a little late. Rachel would kill me if I missed the entire day." She sighed and laid back on her pillow then.

"You did get drunk on the 4th, you know." He remembered.

"And you, didn't?" She laughed. They were both pretty hammered and kept running around like idiots in the rain. It was baffling they didn't get a cold.

"God, Floyd is a mad man." He rolled into her with a laugh. She knew what he was thinking.

"Please tell me you'll never set off fireworks just in you jock strap." She laughed too.

"I swear if I do, you must stop me. You must." He kept laughing, and he kissed her then. Really, it was the kissing she missed the most. This. Right now. Morning. Talking. Kissing.


e.l. said...

That was funny about Floyd..but I liked that it showed much they like being with one another.

diane said...

I like Floyd more than ever.

past the point said...

Hahahaaa..about Borat..huh..hahahaha..

I liked this.

elliestories said...

Thats great..those kind of moments.

Meg said...

I love those morning moments.