Saturday, August 8, 2009

back to the doctor

Charlotte hadn't heard back about her throat. She was so lathargic. She could hardly set up. Maybe it was the flu. She just felt bad.

This time Rosco's Mom made her an appointment. So Rosco took her in. Naturally, they told her Listerne was a bad thing to do before a throat culture.

"I didn't know." She thought she might fall asleep on the young doctor who was checking her out. "OW!" She hadn't expected a pain in her side. It was her spleen.

"Its enlarged." He told her.

"What?" She was still in pain.

"It looks like mono to me." The doctor shrugged. "You better stay home the next few days. Take it easy, get plenty of fluids."

Charlotte just scowled. How could this be?

"Isn't it the kissing the disease?" She sighed, thinking of one kiss she wished she hadn't had. Derrick.

"Not necessarily. I mean, you have to be around someone who has it, but you know, close contact. They could have coughed on you." The doctor told her. With that he sent her home.

"What? You think you got it from me?" Rosco winced on the drive home. He rubbed under his hand under his chin. "Well, I have a sore throat too."

"Then you probably have it." She glared at him.

"Probably just allergies." He shook his head.

She knew nothing was going to keep him from that concert, and really right now was not a good time to bring up Derrick.


diane said...

It's a funny thing how getting sick can bring up regrets.

Raigan said...

Mono sucks, i remember once wheni was a little my mom got it and I had to stay at my grandparents for like a week cause she was practically dead haha

I hope your last little bit of summer is going well!


em said...

I hope Charolette feels better soon.

ellie said...

That sucks about the mono. Poor Rosco.

simon n josh said...

Poor Charlotte and the mono.