Sunday, August 9, 2009

the show must go on

"You know I was going to help, no matter what," Parker didn't know why Rachel thought he wouldn't. He'd brought all the prizes for the young adult reading program that she'd drawn names for to the high school auditorium.

As it was they were in their "I'm with the banned" T-shirts. Rachel had plenty of help. And no one seemed to mind that Derrick wasn't playing. He'd overheard one girl say to another, "Good riddance. He's an asshole."

"Look, the guys are setting up. I think its going OK." Parker looked around as if he could manage this if she'd just let him.

"Anything could go wrong." She glared.

"Well, we will handle it the best we can if it does. Just try not to think about it." Parker patted her on the back trying to get her to sit down.

About then, Gordy came up to talk to her about something.

Parker just sighed. How come one person could just cause so much friction? His cell rang then. It was Charlotte.

"Are you ready for your straight jacket yet?" She asked.


He walked by the girls who had set up tables for sodas to sell and bottles of water. There were a dozen or so pies someone had donated from the nearby bakery along with boxes of cookies to sell. All the proceeds would go to the young adult reading program.

"Everything looks great." He then said noticing all her colorful artwork about stretching from one end of the auditorium to the other. Charlotte had worked her butt off. At least the kids had put it up. She had their artwork on display too. Everyone was a winner. "Now if Gordy could just get Rachel on stage or somewhere before she goes bonkers."

"I have a feeling that's your job, Parker. The most important one is taking care of Rachel." Charlotte told him.

Parker sucked in a breath then. He guess he better find her.


Raigan said...

Thanks a million for your sweet comment, my little cousin (he's 9) just called me fat and ugly so you for sure boosted my confidence. Ge'ez I dislike 9 year olds haha

It's so sweet how they included the kid's artwork too! That just made me smile :)

Have a great weekend!


diane said...

Cait, you are a very talented writer. Just reading this segment made me feel excited about the concert too. How do you do that?

Jared said...

I love this blog, like a lot. Can't wait for the concert series!

the oaks said...

Oh..Parker to the rescue! Good going!

Winnie said...

Oh the anticipation. It sounds like a lovely charity event!

Jared said...

Well, the thing is I'm just setting myself up for some in dependency. Chapter 5 which is written is kind of a mock up, but chapter 6+ are going to be different. I'm going to use only like two more main points. One with Young Musician of the Year, and another with the whole bus in the end. Chapter 6,7,8 are going to be much different. 9 i'm not 100% sure yet. But if I choose to write a second, it'll be much different. I don't really know everyone's point of view on it, like if they like it or not so yeah.

Meg said...

I hope everything goes well and they make lots of money for the reading program!