Thursday, August 20, 2009

BLT with TLC

Emily wanted a bacon sandwich.

"With Miracle Whip." She informed Archie as she was sitting in the livingroom while he was frying up the meat for the sandwich.

"You're sure?" he looked at her as if something must be wrong. "I've never seen you eat bacon."

"I'm just in the mood. And then I'll go on a diet so I can fit in my wedding dress." She shrugged.

"You don't need to do anything drastic," he said. "You're just fine." Archie fried up the bacon, toasted the bread. She was so happy that he'd make her something when she'd been on her feet all day cutting hair to mostly preschoolers who didn't have a chance to get it done when their siblings were in before school started.

Emily really had to re-think this whole hair stylist thing. After-all she was basically a barber. It felt, anyway. Especially, these days.

So she gladly bit into her BLT as soon as he set it down in front of her at the kitchen table. After three bites she looked up and saw Dan at the patio door.

"Gawd, what could he want now?" Emily said under breath. "Archie go hide!"

But he didn't. He went and let Dan in. He was friendly with Dan about the usual stuff like the weather. It was just that look Dan kept giving Archie though. Emily didn't like it.

"I've been meaning to ask," Dan said. "Who cut your hair, Archie?" Naturally, he had to get a good feel of the texture. He turned him around. "I just love this neck line." Of course, he tickled Archie and he was laughing.

Emily cleared her throat.

"I cut his hair." She looked at Dan point blank.

"Really?" He smiled then as if he had an idea. "Why don't you come work for me?"

Emily let out a sigh. "I'm working at Great Clips." It might not have been that great, but at least she got work most days of the week.

"Well, I haven't actually got it going yet, but I'm thinking about getting back in the hair salon business. Maybe you could try two days a week. I'd teach you what I know." He sounded as if he were a real stylist.

Emily went back to her sandwich. This would be a lot to think about.


diane said...

This could be good, this could be bad. If Emily goes to work for Dan, she would have the opportunity to fine tune her craft. She would also be under his thumb, and not as free to object to his innuendo's with Archie without fear of professional black-balling.

e.l. said...

Yum..about the sandwich. Oh, I dunno if Dan would be that good as a boss or not.

Anonymous said...

I'm iffy about Dan, not sure Emily should take his offer. But you never know.

simon n josh said...

oh, that archie..he's a keeper! dan not so much.

past the point said...

oh wow...hahahaha..hummm interesting about Dan.

Winnie said...

More weddings! That sounds like an interesting sandwich!