Friday, August 21, 2009

back where you belong

"So, things are better now, right?" Rachel didn't want to get too close to Charlotte at work, but it was good to see her back.

"Yeah, I guess." Charlotte was her listless self though. Rachel thought she might be in another world. It might have looked as if they were on down time, but actually they were weeding books that needed to be replaced or just killed from the system. One had a with drawn stamp while the other was at the computer killing the record. Actually, Rachel was at the computer killing the records.

"Everything OK?" Rachel didn't mean to pry but it felt like it had been ages since they'd talked.

"I guess." Charlotte was stamping away. "Rosco is sick."

"Yeah, Gordy mentioned that." Rachel yawned thinking she'd never get enough sleep again.

"Derrick e-mailed me." Charlotte didn't look too pleased about it. "Trying to freak me out about his crap with Carrie."

"Why would he do that?" Rachel winced as she had her own rhythem going with the book killings.

"I dunno." Charlotte sighed heavily. "He's so pathetic. I feel really pathetic."

"Quit talking like that." Rachel told her. "You know, you being pathetic. Just stay away from him."

"I have." Charlotte glared. "I didn't write him back. I'm not going to. And don't you dare think about having him for the winter reading program because I don't want him in the library."

"Of course." Rachel nodded who felt more relaxed and strong than she had in a long time. She had her best friend back and she loved taking all her agression out on ratty books that wouldn't talk back to her.


diane said...

Good for Charlotte, I'm glad she never answered his e-mail. What answer could there possibly be though? Not a good one.

I love the smell of old library books.

ellie said...

Like the new header! oh, and I'm glad Charlotte & Rachel are talking too.

the oaks said...

I hope she won't give Derrick the time of day.

simon n josh said...

Rachel loves being her big sister.

fan fic said...

pretty dress!!! I love Rachel.

past thepoint said...

I'm glad Charlotte didn't let derrick get to her.

em said...

Love the header. Charlotte is really impressive.