Friday, August 14, 2009

in the waves

"I'm feeling better about this wedding more and more." Bella told Emily once the meeting was over with Dan gone, and she was looking around for Gib but then remembered Archie had him.

"Me, too." Emily was smiling. "I just want someone to take care of it, you know. So I don't worry so much."

"Its not like you're marrying Prince William or anything." Bella reminded her.

"Well, its still important to me. I don't want anything to go wrong." Emily went to get out the iced tea for them.

"Like what? An old boyfriend showing up, like Casper." Bella mentioned as she was waiting for her drink.

"Now why did you have to bring him up?"

"Because you were never good until you met him. You gotta give a blind guy credit. He made you humble." Bella explained.

Emily didn't know what to say. Maybe it was best to say nothing. He was in France after all. He'd probably changed. He probably wasn't anything like she remembered. He'd probably met someone rather French and well, he probably wouldn't come back to the states.

"I wish you wouldn't talk about him." Emily hugged herself.

"Sorry, really I am," Bella said knowing she'd hit a nerve. "You know what I've been thinking?"


"That Kal and Whitney should have Gib on the weekends. Every weekend." Bella smiled.

"And will you want less child support too?" Emily wondered.

"I guess. I should. She's pregnant now." Bella sighed.

"Really?" Emily just glared at her sister as if she was certain.

"I'm just feeling I need to rest, you know, and really, Gib is so fast these days. How am I going to be when the baby gets here?" Bella reminded her.

"How are your checkups?"

"Fine, but sometimes, my blood sugar gets too low. I know they want it low, but its scary. I was talking to someone at the doctor's office and she was telling me about someone who went into a coma and then well, the baby lost oxygen, or something. It was so sad. I don't want that to happen to me, Em." Bella frowned as if she had the worst lot in life.

"Try not to think about those kind of things, all right." Emily drank her tea then.

"I know. But I have these dreams that I'm going into the ocean with Gib, and I turn around and I'm too far out and can't get back to shore." Bella told her sister.

"Well, don't go to the ocean." Emily looked at her. "You're gonna be fine. You will."

Bella tried to smile, but it was nothing she could be certain about.


e.l. said...

Hopefully, Emily will be closer to her sister after knowing her fears now.

the oaks said...

I loved emily's comment..don't go to the ocean..I think they can be good sisters to each other.

the oaks said...

I loved emily's comment..don't go to the ocean..I think they can be good sisters to each other.

simon n josh said...

Bella's dreams sound scary.

diane said...

Typical Bella, she's dwelling too much.
1. Not nice, that Prince William remark.
2. Nice going, on the Casper thing. Honestly, who does that to someone before their wedding?
3. That dream: it symbolizes a fear of not being able to get back to where you were.

Emily kept her cool, once again. Good girl Em.