Monday, August 17, 2009

a moment like now

Kal was getting used to this fatherhood stuff. Finally. Gib was really showing him some new tricks. He'd was taking his steps all over the place. And that meant he climbed on everything.

"You were a climber, too." His mother informed him as she was getting ready to go out. "This kid climbed trees. He climbed on the roof. He really drove me mad." She told Whitney. "I guess its your turn now."

Whitney smiled as she sat next to Kal as they watched him play. He came to her right away and got in her lap.

"Are you sure you should hold him?" Kal wanted to know.

"He's fine." She nodded as his little fingers touched her face and her curls.

"I hope we have a girl." Kal then said.

"Why?" She laughed.

"I want a little girl just like you." He couldn't help but smile.

"Really?" She looked at him as if he wasn't telling her everything.

"That way, you can tell her all about the birds and bees and everything in between." He smirked.

"That sounds like overtime to me. You have to be there for that sort of thing, you know." She nodded as Gib patted her face happily.

"Do I?" Kal winced.

She nodded and he kissed her cheek as he took Gib from her.

He really wanted to hold Gib as much as he could, to savor the moment that he knew Gib was his son. He let Gib have a go at the hairs creeping up from the neck of shirt. Really, it was so hard to see himself in Gib. All he could see was Bella.

His mother kept telling him that Gib had his eyes. She would explain it to him again and again. Even Whitney would tell him. But deep down, he really saw Bella in Gib's face. And Kal was glad he did or Bella might treat him terribly if she thought Gib looked anything like Kal. There was a certainty of it. He sensed it. He doubted she was getting a wink of sleep while Gib was here.


the oaks said...

That is sad what Kal thinks about the way Bella is.

simon n josh said...

I'm glad they have Gib around.

Anonymous said...

That's sad what Kal was thinking. I hope they have a girl too.

Jared said...

That's sad and also kind of 'sweet' I guess what he was seeing and thinking about. He seems like a good father, it's nice that he has his son now. Hopefully that girl is just around the corner.

elliestories said...

I think Kal knows how Bella feels about him..and he's probably sure..he can't go back. She'll always hate him.

diane said...

What really matters is that Gib receives love from both of his parents.