Tuesday, August 18, 2009

on my mind

"Is it OK that I'm here?" Rosco was sitting at the waiting area at the pharmacy where Gordy worked.

"Yeah, sure, I'll be off in a few." Gordy nodded as he went to do a few more things before he could clock out.

Rosco felt as if his skeleton had somehow slipped out of him and was laying on the floor. He could hardly move. Why was this mon hitting him so hard?

"What did you want to talk about?" Gordy asked a few minutes later when they went to the diner close by. They were the youngest people there. Everyone there were very old men drinking coffee and eating pie. The same thing Gordy and Rosco were going to do.

"I dunno." Rosco coughed then. "Something Charlotte said." He shook his head.

"Like what?" Gordy stirred cream in his coffee and looked Rosco.

"I get this feeling Charlotte thinks I've been unfaithful, I guess." Rosco shrugged. "She said something about having a dream that I had a kid. She hasn't said anymore about it. Maybe she's just you know-"

"Like you, sick." Gordy looked at him wide eyed. "You've got to be the most faithful guy, I know. She knows that."

"Yeah, but, you know one person could say something and you know, she might start believing them." Rosco slowly stirred his coffee and tried to nurse it, but it was hard to lift the cup to his mouth. He thought he might have to lay his head on the cup. He coughed some more.

"Well? Is there anything you're not telling me?" Gordy looked at him.

The apple pie arrived and they both started to eat.

"You know." Rosco shrugged.


"Remember, Carrie, getting mixed up with Jason." Rosco sighed.


"Jason hasn't been to work the last few days." Rosco told him.

"Well, neither have you, maybe he has what you've got." Gordy looked at him.

"He won't take my calls. Its weird. The guy loves to get my phone calls." Rosco nodded.

"You're sure you're not worried about Jason for all the wrong reasons. Sounds like this is the one Charlotte should be worried about. I had no idea he thought so much of you." Gordy smirked.

"No," Rosco squinted. "Not like that." Rosco could barely get the apple pie in his mouth. It was a slow go to eat. "I'm just saying what if something happened to him after, you know, this thing with Carrie."

Gordy just shrugged.

"Look, you're sick." Gordy told him. "Stop worrying about Jason. I'm sure that was just some silly dream Charlotte had. It means nothing. Just stay away from Jason. He's not your friend. You are just this dude, he liked to hang with. That's all you ever were."

Rosco nodded. He knew Gordy made sense, but why was it Jason was on his mind. Had something happened to him?


ellie said...

I didn't think Rosco was going to have anything to do with Jason?


That´s the question :)

Thanks so much for being so sweet!



diane said...

Rosco has to stop speculating and have a heart to heart with Charlotte. And if he's worried about Jason, he needs to try harder to contact him.
Gordy's a good guy, but he should make Rosco go home and get back into bed.

You need to take that comment award off of my page and put it on your side bar. I don't know why I neglected to mention your comments before, but they always are well thought out and make my day. Don't feel the need to pass the award on, just take it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Jason was on his mind..

Anonymous said...