Monday, August 24, 2009

really now

Gordy heard from his Dad.

He wasn't sure what to say. Naturally, Jane wanted to talk to him.

"You have to calm down," he told Jane since his Dad really wanted to talk to him about a few things.

Naturally, Jane got on the phone with him first.

"Promise you can only tell him three things?" Gordy informed her.

"Five!" She yelled holding up her five fingers.

"Five." He supposed he'd have to make a compromise.

So he counted along as she told her grandfather about her new shoes, how great Degrassi High was, what she wanted for Christmas, what her sister wanted for Christmas and when was he coming to see her again.

"I can't believe you're letting her watch Degrassi High?" Gordy got side tracked talking to Rachel so Jane told him three more things. She just beamed when Gordy told her it was his turn to talk.

Finally Gordy got some time alone with his Dad on the phone.

It was good to hear how his Dad had enjoyed the visit, and he was thinking of moving back to Kansas.

"Did you talk to Kal about this?" Gordy wanted to know.

"No, haven't gotten around to it." His dad started coughing a good bit then, and Gordy wasn't sure if they'd talk much longer.

Gordy just thought it was odd that he hadn't talked with either Rosco or Kal.

He told him about Rosco having mono.

"I'm sure Rosco is going to be happy to hear about you guys moving out here." Gordy assured him. Gordy just hoped his Dad would talk more with Rosco. Really, he needed to get to know Rosco, but he had a feeling Rosco would be telling his Dad the same thing about Gordy.


diane said...

I love reading about Jane, she is a beacon of light.

Kal, Gordy, and Rosco had better start putting their heads together and start planning on how to best care for their father, he's sick, isn't he?

aiLee920 said...

this is a wonderful scene...

Anonymous said...

Jane is so adorable. :) she always makes me smile.

ellie said...

I can just see Gordy getting mad at Rachel over letting her watch that TV show. Hahahaa.

simon n josh said...

I hope he'll help out his Dad.

the oaks said...

That is sad if his Dad is sick. I love jane.