Sunday, August 23, 2009

isn't it lovely

Whitney was happy to see Serena at lunch. It was good to get away from the phones at the office. As of late she'd been doing more number crunching which she loved yet hated. Just so much on her mind. All she really wanted to do was to be home in her own room staying safe from everything in the world.

Really, she didn't even want to drive anymore. Why was being pregnant doing this to her?

"You look radiant," Serena said.

"Well, thanks." Whitney smiled.

"Any morning sickness?" Serena asked.

"Not really," Whitney shook her head.

"I never had any, either." Serena reminded her that she'd been pregnant once, but she didn't look to be in a hurry to ever be pregnant again. Naturally, Whitney took that as a bad sign that she didn't have morning sickness. She wished she could get up and go throw up right now at lunch just to say she had morning sickness.

"Well, how about evening sickness?" Whitney wondered if she was the only one who ever had it. As of yet, she hadn't thrown up, but she was just so tired and horrid bouts of diarrhea would hit her like clock work just after the six o'clock news was over.

"I think they'd consider that morning sickness." Serena nodded.

Whitney suddenly felt better about things.

"Has Kal gained any weight?" Serena asked.

"I haven't noticed." Whitney shook her head.

"I bet he will," Serena chuckled. "Once you start to show, he will too. Then we'll wonder who's actually pregnant then."

Whitney laughed at the thought of Kal getting fat. She hoped it wasn't too many pounds. She really did like him the way he was, but then what if he was thinking the same thing about her.


diane said...

Most men actually loooove their wives pregnant. Cute Hubby wouldn't leave me alone when I was, haha.

e.l. said...

I'm glad she has a friend like Serena.

Winnie said...

I love that radiant pregnant look, it really exists!

Also, inspired by your header...I am craving girly, lacy things at the moment!

cass and cady said...

That's funny to think of Kal gaining weight. I think he'll enjoy this time with Whitney.

Anonymous said...

Such great friends.

Raigan said...

Drama is actually my thing! I was the lead in my first play this year which was amazing! I didn't get in drama this year which i'm soooo bummed about but i can still be in the club if i don't take the class!!

I actually start school tommorow...first day of freshman year! I'm nervous but really excited too!!!

Have you started yet u awesome author you? haha

have a fabulous week!