Tuesday, September 8, 2009

anywhere feels like home


Charlotte munched on the salsa that Rosco's Mom made. She was enjoying herself watching episodes of How I met your Mother with Rosco's mother.

"Have you heard from Rosco?" She asked.

"Not yet," she said. "I promised I would not text. We'll talk sometime around 11:30. I told him I'd call him then."

"Well, I don't know if Rosco would know what to do with a fish if he caught one." She laughed. "Funny, Rosco's Dad was from a family who fished all the time. His grandfather was in fishing tournaments every weekend."

"I guess that's a lot of fish." Charlotte said crunching on a chip. She could only think of fish sticks. Really, she wasn't fond of them, that much. It was her father's favorite thing to pop in the oven along with tater-tots.

"Rosco might come back the fisherman." She told her, and Charlotte just smiled. She looked at the clock then. It was getting close to phone time. She drank some water and said she had to go and call him.

"You don't mind, do you? Did you want to talk to him?" Charlotte grabbed her cell that she'd kept tucked away in her denium hand bag.

"No, I wouldn't want to spoil the call." His mom smiled and went back to the laughter on television.

Charlotte raced up-stairs and plopped herself on the bed as if she had to get situated first before she hit direct dial.

"Whatcha doing?" She said first thing. Charlotte smiled when she heard his voice.

"Its not so bad," Rosco said. "I have a bit of a sunburn. But its not that bad."

"It better not be. I gave you plenty of sun screen. You just have to keep applying it." She informed him.

"I don't have you here to put it on me," Rosco laughed. "I'm kind of tired, too." He then yawned.

"How's your Dad?"

"Dad, I guess." There was a silence. "He did make chili. He put in three jalapeno peppers in it from his garden. Let me tell you, it was the hottest chili I've ever had."

"God, your Mom just made salsa. He left her some peppers so I know how hot they were." She told him.

"I guess I'm OK with my parents now." Rosco said.


"You know, at first when they separated I kept thinking, they should get back together. Then after-while I was so over him and not ever wanting to see him again. Don't know why I was like that. I guess you just have to go through that, you know. Now, its like I know its better this way, for everyone."

"Good." Charlotte found herself smiling. She longed for the sound of his voice. She didn't want to tell him how scared she was that he was bored with her and that she was afraid he might tell her he needed a change. She didn't like change. In fact, it had taken her so long to get to this with him that she wasn't sure she could bare it if he decided she had to go.

She listened about his day with his father. Somehow, she didn't fear the unknown so much. She was happy he had a good day. She couldn't wait for him to be home. It didn't really feel like home unless he was here with her.


Anonymous said...

That made me feel happy. Such a good vibe to everything.

diane said...

It will be so nice for Charlotte and Rosco when their fears & insecurities melt away, one by one. I think they are one of those couples that can be truly comfortable.

e.l. said...

I think they are great for each other.

the oaks said...

Aw, that was great.

simon and josh said...


cass and cady said...

I'm glad she didn't go for Derrick.