Wednesday, September 9, 2009

going to the doctor

Whitney wasn't sure if things weren't happening fast enough or too quickly.

She and Kal went for her doctor's appointment. She looked around the waiting room at all the other pregnant women. Some looked like models while others looked like they could have triplets. Whitney supposed she was in the middle somewhere. She wasn't showing yet everything felt so tight on her. She wanted to work in her pajamas at work and the things she did have, well, they were things she could have slept in if she felt like it.

"I have a thing for chocolate." Some pregnant woman looked at Whitney and Kal. Whitney wasn't sure if she was talking about a sweet or something else. She looked like she was in her last trimester.

"OK." Whitney looked at her then Kal. People here automatically were so friendly to each other. Whitney wasn't used to that. She'd already watched some woman carry around her two year old on top of her pregnant stomach and was talking to someone about who was on the New Melrose Place. They had to watch if Ashley Simpson was on it.

Whitney just imagine the woman going into sudden birth with the child hugged up against her. Again, she was having freaky daydreams for no reason.

"Really, I do," the woman who was talking about chocolate found her a seat across from Kal and Whitney. "When I'm pregnant I can't stop myself. I ate three Hershey bars while I was grocery shopping, last time I was pregnant. I couldn't even remember how many I ate when I got to the checkout. The poor cashier had to count what he could of the wrappers in my cart. I gained so much weight then. I can't afford to do that, again. He was my first and well, I thought, I'm eating for two, why not. But now, my blood sugar is really bad." She sat across from Whitney and pulled out some knitting to do. She didn't have her son with her. He was with his Aunt.

"I have-" Whitney started about Bella, "I have a friend who has to worry about that too. Its her second time around. I mean third." Whitney gritted. Maybe she was having brain farts. It was really weird being pregnant. She kept forgetting to do things, lately. She'd even showed up at the wrong salon to get her hair done last week. Was she going to be like this for the next few months?

"Yeah, you can't be too careful in her condition. Somebody was telling me that diabetes kept her from getting pregnant." The woman went on.

Whitney looked at Kal thinking they were going to learn this woman's whole history an all her friends too, if the nurse didn't call them back soon.


e.l. said...

people you meet at the doctor's office is always interesting.

the oaks said...

I'm glad Kal is with her.

diane said...

Ah, hormonal brain farts. It doesn't end with pregnancy. It's a really good thing they don't smell.

dapper kid said...

Aww haha I love conversations with people in waiting rooms. Everybody always seems at ease and perfectly happy to impart some sort of wisdom.

billy and elliott said...

You always hear more than you ever wanted to hear..sometimes.

Jared said...

I agree with all of them. The random people you meet you learn more about than some of your best friends. Nice and interesting part here. I like it a lot.

Em should post the second part sometime soon. It's been written for a while. It's a bit confusing and is meant to be. Tell me what you think please.

Cait said...

OK, Jared. thanks for the note.