Tuesday, September 22, 2009

flashes of warning

Why in the world did she get that flu shot? Kat went with Bella to get it over with. She wondered how Bella might be feeling right now. Kat went right to bed after she had the shot and woke up with a sore throat. And her arm sort of her hurt where the nurse gave her the shot.

She felt absolutely awful. What had she done? Of course, when she finally belched she felt so much better. Was it just her? Her age? Or just being pregnant that made things these days slow as molasses.

She laid there in the afternoon dark of their bedroom. Wondering if it were possible to get through this ordeal without it being absolutely traumatic. At the moment, she hoped Parker made her favorite, tomato soup and cheese grilled sandwiches. She was hoping it was after five, but it was barely 4:45. She didn't know what she was doing anymore. Then to find out how the world would be entirely flooded with Alzheimer's in 2050 was no happy thought, either. At the moment, she felt as if she were on shaky ground.

Kat closed her eyes, put her forearm over her eyes. The next thing she knew Parker was waking her up.

"Hey," he wanted to know how she was. Naturally, she told him she felt awful. Just awful about the flu shot, and then he had to say how he never had one and really wouldn't start them now.

"Do you think you'd be up for a potluck on Friday?" He questioned. She felt his weight next to her.

"I don't want cook anything." She hated to whine about it, but at this rate she was afraid the smell of boiled water would make her throw up.

"You don't have to. The library staff wants to meet you." He told her.

"Are you serious?" She winced so sour.

"Look the less you make about it, the better it will be." He sighed. "Now stop making more of this whole, what ever it is your worried about. You shouldn't give a damn what anybody might think."

"All right." She whispered. "Just make me soup. I want soup."

She was going to be very still. And hoped tomorrow would be better than right now. And the next day would even be better.


simon n josh said...

flu shots can be so tricky.

diane said...

Don't even get me started on the flu shot. Before anyone gets vaccinated they should go to vaccinationeducation.com.
Poor Kat, what was she thinking? I can't believe she put god knows what into her system, and while she's pregnant to boot.
Parker is such a typical guy, asking her stuff while she's sick.

aiLee920 said...

hello... just doing my daily rounds... just to let you know, i will be less active, because I already have classes again. but i will still open my blog everyday, and maybe see your updates, but leaving a note will be lessened.

Meg said...

Mmm, I love tomato soup and grilled cheese!


I do hope too!

Many kisses and thanks a million for being around!

colin gray said...

Hope she gets well.