Sunday, September 20, 2009

who does these things

"Well, how come you didn't tell us? We weren't invited." One of the ladies at the circulation desk teased Parker about his new marriage. "We didn't even know if you liked women."

Parker just stared at them even lipped. He was a bit shocked, but he didn't say anything. He didn't know what they wanted him to say.

"I guess," He cleared his throat. "It was a little unexpected. But it was painless." He gave them a quick grin and wished they'd shut up about it. They would have never have known if the damn director hadn't sent an e-mail about it, and now he wished he'd never had to change his address and personal info in the register.

"Shouldn't we have a wedding shower for him?" Nel looked to Windy.

"No. No. We have everything we could possibly need." Parker wouldn't hear of that.

"There has to be something."

"Oh, but there isn't. Really." He thought of Kat and how she might feel about this. She would be furious with him.

"Can we meet her then."


"You didn't marry by proxy or something?" Nel questioned.


"You know, like she might be in Iraq and you're here. Is she a soldier?"

Parker just glared at her. Who did these women think he was? First they thought he was gay. Now they thought he'd married someone who might as well have been a man.

"She works for the school system." He'd leave it at that. They didn't need to know everything. "Look, the next library lunch we have, I'll try to bring her."

"Well, then we'll have a lunch in your honor," Nel smiled. "We haven't had a potluck in ages."

Parker thought his stomach might fall on the floor. He knew Kat wouldn't be eager to do this, but what the hell.


diane said...

Oh shut up you stupid cows!

Parker should just tell them straight, he and Kat would prefer to keep this low profile.

Jared said...

Jeez they kind of make me mad...haha... Anyways hopefully it all ends.

dapper kid said...

Eurgh how irritating. But I suppose he and Kat should probably do the whole meet and greet thing with them this one time and then it'll be over.

e.l. said...

You know, people at work..are nosy and love pot lucks!

Raigan said...

gosh some people say the weirdest things! My mom was talking to a woman at work the other day who asked how far apart her children were (12 years for hunter and i, my 2 baby brothers will be 16 months apart) and the woman goes "oh...well thats ok....everyone makes mistakes" crazy ladies!!!

Comfy shoes is the best advice ever, i almost bought this fabulous BCBGirls silver strappy like 4 inch heels but then i was like "" haha and plus it isn't even MY homecoming so i'm not really going all out, i may just go for straightened hair with a pretty headband. Awesome advice :)


fan fic said...

Parker was going to get cornered sooner or later...

the oaks said...

Oh, Parker..that's interesting about proxie..