Saturday, September 19, 2009

it could be possible

Archie was afraid Emily might need a vacation from the honeymoon.

"You're sure you're not sick?" He looked at her intensely back at their room on their honeymoon.

She was practically listless in bed.

She shook he head, no. It scared him though. Maybe taking her out in the ocean wasn't his best idea, but what could he say, "I always wanted to." Plus there was this trust issue he was pondering a bit. Perhaps, it was idea she didn't have much faith in him. Did she just think she'd be the one who'd call all the shots and tell him what to do?

It wasn't something he wanted to argue about. Even so, he thought she might be a wee bit of a control freak. Not that it had bothered him before. Usually, he had a way of laughing his way through it. Then it would stump her and well, all would be well. So to speak. But now he thought she might be physically ill.

"You look pretty bad, " he winced. She wasn't wearing makeup. It was as if she didn't have her real face on. Actually, he liked her better without makeup. He didn't want to tell her, but she was a little scary when she put on too much. "Can I get you anything?" Maybe her blood sugar was low or something.

"I'm just tired." She got comfortable on her pillow.

"We didn't have that much sex, did we?" He'd always pictured a honeymoon meaning sex nonstop. Of course, three times in a row a night was just considered a home run in his book.

He rubbed her back and before he knew it she was snoring lightly. Archie smiled. And she said she didn't snore. He thought about getting out his camera phone just to record it. But he didn't want to get her mad.

Archie hoped they'd had a good honeymoon. They'd walked practically all over the island, gone horseback riding, dancing, dinners, a little shopping and a good bit of time in their room. But there was this doubt that perhaps what he perceived as fabulous might have been just crap to her. He might never really know.

He laid there on his side by her with his cheek resting on his hand and watched her slumber. He smiled thinking this might be his favorite part of the whole trip. Just the quiet. The calm. Maybe things were going to be perfect, and he didn't know it.


cass and cady said...

hmmmm...this made me smile.

diane said...

He should definitely communicate to her how wonderful their honeymoon was for him. Even if she doesn't feel the same, she should know how he feels. After all, she married him.

Raigan said...

That is absolutley precious! I want a boy...well that someday!!! Emily is a very very lucky woman!!!

Sometimes I wonder if every couple has momemnts like that, where they're just so completley in love. Like...I can't imagine my mom and stepdad being that lovey hahaha

goodness I love reading your story :)


the oaks said...

I hope they talk more..but still the can't always know everything about your partner..yet..hope too.