Friday, September 11, 2009

its a party

Gordy felt a little off being here alone with the girls at the coffee shop without Rachel. But they each had their apple pie and ice cream and were being so lady like. Even Serena came out and told them how grown up they were.

Naturally, Jane beamed.

"I have a birthday. Lucy does too," she informed them. "And we want a party."

Gordy had heard this one. Each one wanted their own party. Own theme. And he was sure Jane had decided for Lucy what she wanted. Gordy kept smiling because he had a feeling he wouldn't if he listened to her closely.

"I want a big party for all three of us." She told Serena.

"Who's the third?" Serena looked at Gordy.

"Not me," he shook his head.

"Mommie, me and Lucy."

Gordy slightly coughed.

"Well, you know, uh, she might really want her own party. We could just have it for the two of you." He thought he was following this, correctly.

"No, that way we can have grow-ups and Mom can come." Jane had it figured out.

"Mom?"Gordy squinted. "OK, you mean, Bella." He really didn't see that happening. "You know, there have been a lot of plans, lately. Weddings and all. Its been so busy, I dunno."

"We're gonna do it." Jane got Lucy to nod.

Gordy kept smiling. He guessed he had no choice in the matter. Just then Serena brought over pictures of birthday cakes. She told them to pick one and she'd make it for them. Jane smiled at Lucy. Immediately, they went for the princess theme cake.

"You better hope you're gonna have a girl, Gordy." Serena looked at him. "Other wise I'm afraid he'll be in the same boat you're in."

Gordy just squinted, crossing his arms. They didn't always get their way. Of course, it wasn't worth mentioning, either.


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diane said...

Hahahaha, it's never too early to know what you want. xo

Anonymous said...

Gordy is so great.

the oaks said...

I bet those little girls feel like they're on a date with Dad. That's cool.