Thursday, September 10, 2009

first time

Kal had never done this before. It was strange, but he wanted to be there for Whitney. Wanted them to know that yes, he couldn't wait for his wife to have their baby. He was all grins and perhaps giddy.

If they'd just stop those darn surveys. How much alcohol did he consume? Was he a smoker? Did he keep a gun in the house? Was he feeling sad or depressed? Well, that kind of ended the smiling.

Really, the big thing was to see it. In living color. That's what he was here for. They'd get to have the sonogram today. That was special. And if it all went well. He hoped it would. It had too. They'd go celebrate. Maybe a trip to the mall.

"But I don't want to go to the mall," Whitney said while they were waiting for the sonogram room. As it was she'd passed flying colors with the measurements and the weight gain. She was eating right.

"Why not?" He winced. "You love the mall."

"Not that much. I want to stay home."

"Come on," he smiled. "We have to enjoy this." He took her hand and smiled.

"I am. I just want to do it at home." She sighed. "I'm afraid. You know, sick people. Cars on the freeway." She pressed her lips hard.

"OK," he guessed he understood. It was getting to him what she was feeling. The worry. He didn't want her to worry. "I'm still getting you a chocolate sundae. Somewhere."

"You remember what she said about chocolate?" She looked at him.

"OK, a fancy yogurt then, with no chocolate." He kissed her hand. Finally, it was there turn for the sonogram room. And for the first time, Kal actually caught himself praying for someone else instead of himself. He guessed he really was growing up.


diane said...

Whitney and Kal are making smart choices. There's a book out called "You Are What I Eat", about a mother's choices while she was pregnant. Whitney reminds me of that.

dapper kid said...

Aww how sweet, I'm sure they'll both do an amazing job as parents :)

Winnie said...

They are so adorable together.

Jared said...

Don't you just love first time parents. Gotta have our baby perfect, when they're always perfect in your mind either way. (Yeah I made a blogger.)

Meg said...

Baby definately have a way of making people grow up!