Wednesday, September 30, 2009

twists and turns

"I think Bella's at war with Rachel." Fish nodded.

Whitney didn't know what she could say. He came to pick up Gib. Bella had spent most of the afternoon taking stress tests which ended up being more labor than they expected. They were keeping her in the hospital for the night.

"Well, we get along." Whitney thought that might count for something, maybe. She stood there in there in the living-room watching Gib go around and around the rug. "You know, you could just let Gib stay. If that would help."

"But look at you," he then smiled. "You're due in February."

"I can handle Gib, really." She'd taken off the afternoon from work to tend to him. As it was Gib was walking around. He was a feisty little man who loved to dance to music and climb everything.

"She'll be upset if, God knows about what, but she will be." Fish shook his head. "I don't know if I can last another month of this. The baby is due in November. She says she is done after this."

Whitney just smiled. Fish looked like he could use a vacation.

"Let him stay. You really look like you could use some sleep."

She watched Fish scoop Gib off the floor. Naturally, the baby smiled and put his hands in Fish's hair as if he needed to hold on to him.

"Yeah, got that right." He yawned.

"Kal is working late," Whitney then told him. "He'll hate that he missed him if he goes now."

"All right." Fish yawned again. He put Gib down, who ran to the coffee table and danced around it like it was his favorite old friend. Whitney just smiled. Unaware that Fish was going to leave her a French Kiss that she wouldn't forget.


cass and cady said...

That must have been quite a surprise.

e.l. said...

Fish must be so tired.

diane said...

Where did THAT come from?