Saturday, October 3, 2009

different avenues

Emily's cell rang. She was at the hospital. It seemed she was the only one who had the time to be with her sister, who may or may not be having her baby any moment. She'd just gotten herself more coffee. Now if it were only drinkable.

"Emily, how's Fish?" It was Whitney.

"I dunno." She looked around. He wasn't in the room with Bella. "He was coming to pick up Gib and then go home. He was going home."

"I told him we'd take care of Gib, and..."

"And what?" Emily scowled.

"He's nervous." Whitney told her. "Can you and Archie, you know, talk to him. I think somebody needs to stay with him."

"He's not even having the baby?" This was ridiculous.

"Well, he's going through some...thing."

"Like what?" Emily scowled as she walked the halls.

"He just wasn't himself." Whitney admitted.

"Like a serial killer?" Emily sighed. Was this a Halloween prank? Maybe he was real zombie.

"Look, maybe you could get Archie to be with him. We are his only family. His mom probably doesn't even know anything that much about Bella and what's going on. Kal would come, but he's still at work and I'm sure he'd say its all to awkward. Being there at the hospital. Can you do that?"

"All right." Emily supposed she might have a point. This was more than just Bella and labor pains. She knew Fish was exhausted. She thought this was his chance to get a little sleep.

Why was it some people could make things so demanding. As if everything should drop just for them. Like Bella. She was sure this was all her fault. She looked up and saw Archie who was still in his scrubs. He'd just gotten off from the lab.


elliestories said...

Oh..Emily, she's not much of a comfort, is she?

e.l. said...

I think whitney did the right thing..though.

the oaks said...

I think Whitney might be more in tune than the rest of them.

diane said...

Hellooooo Emily, it actually is all about Bella at the moment.