Wednesday, October 28, 2009

anything else

Bella wasn't sure which days she was counting. The days she'd been in bed or the days it would be til her due date. And then there were the days to Gib's birthday.

"Well, I don't know why you worry about all this stuff." Naturally, Emily was no help. She could tell her sister had other things to do than hang out with her.

"I've let Gib down." She felt so weak, and yet she thought for sure she could do flips off the bed if given a chance. If she could just do a little yoga, it would help. She was sure of it. As if was, people were always taking her blood pressure then her blood sugar. "What if I have this baby on Gib's birthday? How awful is that?"

"I dunno." Emily looked tired. "Its not that awful." She sat there in a fluffy chair someone had dropped off. Bella supposed it was Parker because he wanted something comfy for her Mom to sit in.

"OH MY GOD." Bella sat up and really looked at Emily then. "You're pregnant or you either have the flu."

"I am not pregnant." Emily laughed at her sister. "Seriously!"

"There is a First Response in the bathroom cabinet. Go, take it. Or check your temperature." Bella pointed to the bathroom.

"I'm just tired. That's all." Emily sighed. "I'm on my feet all day. And that friend of Mom's has me coming in on Mondays when I don't work, to this Salon he's starting. Really, I'm fine."

"Go! Just go! And do it, all right." Bella insisted.

"All right." Emily yawned. "This has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever done."


diane said...

Sisters do the funniest things. How funny this story is, people in it get pregnant as easy as catching a cold.

the oaks said...

better safe than sorry.

elliestories said...

That is funny.

ellie said...

Hopefully, Emily isn't pregnant.

Raigan said...

ooooo this should for sure prove to be interesting!!!

And yes, TOMS is a super cool orginization! I used to be skeptical about it because, well, i just thought they gave the shoes and I always thought about how they'd get worn out. I was so pleased to hear they ensure that once they wear out, there are people to supply new ones!

and Blake, the guy who started it up, is super cute! haha


Anonymous said...

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