Sunday, October 25, 2009

over the meadow and through the dell

Rosco was pleased that Rachel finally decided to find out what the sex of he baby would be. At least, Gordy must be happy. It was a boy.

"Just in time for Halloween," Rosco grinned. They were moving in Gloria and their Dad into the pre made house they'd found in perhaps a fancy trailer park out by a man-made lake. An idea to make you think you were in the country when you really weren't.

"What? You make it sound like we might be having a gremlin?" Gordy was a little testy.

"I didn't say that. But you must be happy to finally know." Rosco tried not to smile so much.

"Yeah, I guess." Gordy shrugged.

"You were wanting a girl, weren't you?" Rosco was kind of shocked.

"Um, maybe, but I'm just happy all is well. Its amazing Rachel doesn't have problems with her blood pressure. The way she acts. She worse than either of the girls." Gordy confided.

"Well, that's just Rachel." Rosco nodded as they unloaded boxes of the new place.

Gloria got out pictures of kids they hadn't an inkling who they were. So many of different races and mixes. She was already building her display on the wall.

"I'm hoping I have a big crowd for Thanksgiving," Gloria said looking at the both of them. Rosco looked at Gordy. Rosco was sure they didn't have any plans to come over for Thanksgiving.

"Uh, hmm, you mean us?" Gordy asked.

"Well, I would love for you to come, but its last minute. Really, I'd like for my own kids to be here. They are mostly in California." She told him.

"You guys are just moving in, you know, maybe you should just come over to our Thanksgiving this year. I mean, its just us, but Rosco's Mom has a really big table." Gordy explained.

"But my Mom's going to Vegas?" Rosco looked at him as if it were more of a party than a proper Thanksgiving.

"See, she'll be in Vegas, you can oversee everything. You know, make sure everyone is doing what they're suppose to be doing. Or sleep in, and you two and come over and have a worry free Thanksgiving meal." Gordy sighed.

Rosco supposed everyone would be OK with that.

"That would be great," Gloria just smiled.

"Gordy, you know you've got to get through Halloween first." Rosco reminded him.

"I know, and the girls haven't figured out their costumes out yet.." Gordy shook his head.


simon n josh said...

Rosco's funny. Glad his Dad & Gloria moved back.

e.l. said...

the holidays can mean trouble. Gordy must be excited too.

the oaks said...

Great there Dad will be there for Thanksgiving & the news about Rachel having a boy.

diane said...

Gloria's a true mother hen, isn't she? All of those photos of all of those children. : )

fan fic said...

I guess the Holidays all start with Halloween. Right?

Winnie said...

No actually I have never heard of Sa-ding ding by alive! I'm glad you found some music you can get really lost in. When I want to relax, I love Beck's sea change album...but if I'm feeling more upbeat then I adore Arashi :)