Tuesday, October 13, 2009

an early start

What had happened to the life that she knew?

As it was, Emily felt as if everything was a big mess after getting back from her honeymoon. Of course, she liked to blame this on Bella. But that might not have been true. Exactly. Bella didn't take every inch of her time.

Now she had breakfast and dinner to worry about with Archie.

"I really don't like breakfast that much." He'd told her. "But you know that?" Yet he didn't seem to mind waffles and sausage at 6 in the morning.

Yes, she did know that about him. But they had their own place. Although, it wasn't all that far from home. Suddenly, though, it donned her. They were on their own.

"Well, shouldn't we have, you know, special moments of the day?" She sounded like it might be her religion now.

Archie thought it was funny. "I don't want you to hurt yourself in the process." He told her he could fend on his own for breakfast. "You don't have to get up so early. And even if you do, we could still make the most of it in bed, couldn't we?"

"I suppose." She shrugged. "Just, I want everything better than when my Mom and Dad were together. You know, it was this rut. I don't want that to be us."

"Is your Mom in a rut now?" Archie asked over coffee.


"Well, I guess we know the culprit in that story, don't we? Stop worrying so much." He glared at her a bit and then he laughed.

"Its still a little overwhelming." She looked at the mess in the kitchen she'd made. Now she'd have to clean it up before she left for work. She hated housework, but it was rewarding.

"I don't think its that much different than before." He winced.

"I guess." Maybe he was right. Maybe she was nervous for nothing.

He helped clean up then.

"We'll make something with egg plant tonight." Mrs. LaBarren had to deconstruct her garden before the freeze. Archie had done the work for her and had quite a few vegetables to deal with. "Vegetarian?" He kissed her cheek then as he did away with the waffle batter. "You've been wanting vegetarian for a long time."

She smiled. She did like cooking with him. Although, she was starting to think he might be the better cook, after all.


diane said...

Archie the superhero! He's "rutless" and knows how to chip in with the cooking and cleaning. My kind of guy. : )

e.l. said...

Aw..Archie, she better be nice to him.

Thanks for the note.

dapper kid said...

I guess they're still figuring everything out with each other. I like Archie :)